Letter to the Editor : “The Obama Outbreak”


letters to the editorThe Obama Administration has turned the CDC into another puppet. As a result, Ebola is spreading in our homeland.

The CDC will not restrict the passengers from West Africa from flying to the U.S.

They claim this will harm the economy of fragile democracies in the root countries.

The CDC is restricting the flight privileges of any Americans that trace back to Thomas Eric Duncan but, if you are a foreigner flying in from West Africa you have carte blanch.

The CDC is worried about harming the Liberian economy. Really? What about our own economy? Did anyone see the stock market plummet today? How much money did your 401k lose today?

Our President does not understand that Ebola does not caucus with any political party. Ebola is a virus that kills without bias.

It is time to put the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) in charge of containment. There is no organization on the planet better equipped to protect the United States from an epidemic or pandemic.
Our President will never direct USAMRIID to protect us from Ebola.

Our President has absolute disdain for our military.

Our President will do anything, at any cost, to keep his flawed ideology alive.

Ebola outbreaks have been killing since 1976. Ebola had no chance of killing Americans, on U.S. soil, until the Obama outbreak in 2008.

Kevin Hickingbottom
Brawley, CA


  1. The Obama Outbreak. LOL. How about The Bush Oil Killing Fields. LOL. You such as nice, stand up person Hickey. Why do you subgect yourself to this.

  2. Come on Hicky. Ebola is the lastest scare tactic by the holy than thou right. What is really scary is man ordered death and destruction.

  3. Why are you guys an the right so scared of Ebola and those on the Left are not… You guys and your guns always live in fear…
    Hey Kevin – GO Bruins!

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