Letter to the Editor: Cannabis Cultivation


Dear Editor,

I was concerned and appalled upon reading in the January 31st edition of The Desert Review about the city of Calexico’s council members voting to approve an ordinance to allow regulatory permits to qualified establishments for cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, distributing and transportation facilities within the city.

To say that there is “nothing controversial here” is like the monkeys with their hands over their eyes, ears and mouth who “hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil.”

Even though I don’t live in the city of Calexico, I do live in Imperial Valley and am greatly concerned that the city’s fathers have sold their souls, and the souls of the citizens of Imperial Valley, to the devil for blood money.

Calexico, you don’t need money that badly. If you do, then find another less dangerous source of revenue. If marijuana plants are so beneficial to people, then why are you trying to assure us that no one in the valley will be able to “see, smell, or touch” the plants being manufactured? Instead, you will be dumping the drug on others cities where anyone with a medical marijuana card can have access to it.

It is a known fact that anyone can get a medical marijuana card. There are doctors who give out cards even without an examination. It is also a fact in the case of all drugs that for every action there is an equal and adverse reaction. The adverse reaction for marijuana is the killing of brain cells, that by the way, can never be replaced.

City council members, you took an oath when you became a council member to defend the Constitution of the United States and of the State of California. You promised to “Ensure domestic tranquility and promote the general welfare… so help me God.”

As a mother, grandmother, teacher, pastor’s wife, president of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union of Imperial Valley, and as one with a “Voice crying in the wilderness,” I am challenging you to seriously educate yourselves on the negative impacts of this drug and reverse your dangerous decision.


Linda Hamby



  1. Fact, if everything in cannabis can be synthesized why grow it, one basic reason, money, no other reason. As to hurting others, if it hurts one in fifty, among millions, that’s too many. You must remember it also affects the family’s.

  2. Thank you Linda Hamby, we have shared your letter in our Calexico Kennedy Gardens Neighborhood Watch Facebook page. We wont debate this isuue, but will point out that we might as well getg rid of the Camarena Library and Camarena Jr.s as well and the national Red Ribbon week initiative. This are in honor of Enrique Camarena who was slained in Mexico by an organization that cultivated Marijuana. Exactly what we will do.

    As an official Neighborhood Watch with the National Neighborhood Watch council since 1995 we have worked hard to take back our Kennedy neighborhood. The journey was long and hard, yet we never filnyched. The Calexico Police department and parks are dedicarted to our neighbors and members. The John F. Kennedy park plaque mentions our long service. From youth boxing to adopt a park, clean ups and more, crime went down 80%.

    But in all we did never did we received help or a penny from taxes. We also maintained our four neighborhood parks during hard economic times. But they said Walmart, Super Walmart, Measure H and currently Grand Plaza would bring prosperity. Today we have 100 less employees and services. And it requires for from volunteers like us.

    And this is the time to say, no more. We won’t help not in anyway. Our members are now seniors, yet they still have passion, but the now pay the highest taxes and get the fewest services. We agree we are one unique community, and you would be appealed to know why and who is the root of all this. Yes the most liked and famous and ones we saw up to while as kids. But it will be the next generation that will pay and judge us. where we wrong in our input and critique or were we correct.

    They I say because the like Measure H which was to help improve parks and safety, only left us with a huge interest loan we never saw. No marijuana when we honor and celebrate Enrique Camarena.

  3. basing law and public thought on morality can be a dangerous thing. the question always is whose morality, I may agree with yours, you may agree with mine, what happens when we don’t. who chooses?

    isis says they are right, don’t be isis

  4. I agree with you Linda on some points but respectfully disagree on others.

    Yes, medical cards are easy to get and are a bit of a joke. I’d also agree with on this being a controversial subject.

    I disagree with your assumption that officials saying the public won’t be able to “see, smell, or touch it” implicates cannabis’ toxicity. I’d rather imagine their words indicate their awareness and consideration that so many would be offended by the plant’s public display.

    As for it being “dangerous money”, I’d argue the taxes being made off legal dispensaries are far less dangerous than the commission cartels have made off of it being kept in the shadows.

    As for it’s dangerous impact, I’ve read how it negatively effects cognitive abilities in teenagers. I’m also aware of its negative affect on sperm production. Inspite of cannabis’ schedule 1 federal designation, I’ve seen where it does have legitimate medical advantages. One of cannabis’ non-psychoactive properties can be isolated and used to save lives for patients suffering from life threatening seizures. It also seems tailor made to treat the negative side effects of chemotherapy. Another benefit, it’s far less addicting than doctor prescribed opiates used to treat soldiers suffering from PTSD. In addition, unlike opiates, to my knowledge cannabis has never once caused an overdose death.

    But I concede, like most things(tv, donuts,energy drinks), it has the potential to be abused.

    My final point, because we may deem its use as amoral doesn’t mean it should be made unavailable. As long as it doesn’t hurt others then I believe we should give people the freedom to make their own life choices.

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