Legendary Pyramid of Success Helping BESD Students



BRAWLEY- Coach John Wooden’s name is famous throughout California and the country as both the University of Los Angeles basketball coach and a life coach.  His Pyramid of Success has helped hundreds of athletes off and on the field in countless ways to be the best they be.

In the Brawley Elementary School District those same lessons are being taught through the curriculum daily, and Wednesday the Harper for Kids foundation visited Miguel Hidalgo School to talk to the students about success.

Harper for Kids is a youth development program based on Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success teaching children healthy behavioral and character development to guide them to a successful life .

The Pyramid of Success has been a part of the BESD curriculum for a few years already, with every month dedicated to a different part of the pyramid.  However this is the first time Harper for Kids has visited the district.  The two founders, Tim and Peanut Harper, visited each school this week to talk to the students about the definition of success using the book, “Inch and Miles: A Journey to Success,”  co-authored by Peanut with Coach Wooden to teach parts of the Pyramid of Success to children.

“It’s teaching kids that the best thing to be in life is a great person,” said Peanut, “This is just as important as academics.”

“If these kids can even think of their personal best, they can go places,” said Tim, “That’s our goal.”

At Hidalgo, and the rest of BESD, the book has already been circulating inside the classroom, giving students inspiration to be the best, to be their version of successful.

“Success is getting to where I want to get to,” said Chris Dorame.

“It’s doing the hard work and having the enthusiasm to do my best,” said Izabella Alvarado.

As for Hidalgo Principal David Ramos, he said to his students, “You are my success.”

Harper for Kids was started in 2008 when Tim and Peanut hosted an inner city tennis tournament using the blocks on the Pyramid of Success as a theme.  Thinking it was a great idea, they started their foundation using the lessons of Coach Wooden to teach the children.  The Harpers have since traveled to at least 60 different schools in California presenting the lessons of the Pyramid of Success to students.

As Coach Wooden puts it, “Success is happiness in your heart because you made the effort, 100 percent to do your best.”