Latinos Not Optimistic About the Economy, Poll Finds



The country’s largest Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization released poll results today showing that while the nation’s economy is improving, many Latinos feel their own financial outlook is not as optimistic.

The poll, conducted by the National Council of La Raza and research firm Latino Decisions, surveyed 500 registered Latino voters across the country and found 70 percent of respondents were concerned they were not earning enough money to cover basic expenses, and half said they had trouble paying their bills in the past year.

“The economy is improving but Latino families are still waiting for their own economic recovery,” NCLR President and CEO Janet Murguia said. “Latinos still have faith in, and are working hard to achieve, the American dream.”

The poll also found many Latinos want the government to enact policies that will improve their financial situation, such as raising the minimum wage. With mid-term elections on the horizon, researchers said Latinos will most likely back politicians who work toward those financial goals.

“Politicians who support increasing the minimum wage will be rewarded with Latino support,”said Latino Decisions co-founder Matt Barreto. “(Latinos) want to see better wage opportunities, better job opportunities in their community.”

Among its other findings, the poll also suggested that younger Latinos have a bleak outlook on the job market, with 78 percent indicating they are concerned about a lack of career advancement.

NCLR leaders also added that by 2050, nearly one in three workers in America will be Latino.

Full poll results can be found on NCLR’s website at




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