Lang and Jacklich Direct Beautiful Music on a Sunday Afternoon

Beautiful Music
Marilyn Pyle treated the audience to a wonderful rendition of Barbara Streisand’s “Evergreen” Sunday at the Methodist Church in El Centro.

EL CENTRO - The Imperial Valley Master Chorale and the Imperial Valley String Quartet treated their audience to a Sunday afternoon of “Beautiful Music” at the First United Methodist Church in El Centro.

Denny Lang, director of the Master Chorale, along with his counterpart, Joel Jacklich, director of the String Quartet, masterfully orchestrated an afternoon of music that ranged from the classical Franz Schubert’s “Mass in G” and “Kyrie”, sung by soprano Ruth Smith, to the contemporary Elton John song, “Can You Feel the Love.” The packed sanctuary clapped appreciatively as the talented, classical artists of both the strings and the vocals entertained with beautiful musical numbers.

The program, “A Sunday Afternoon of Beautiful Music,” highlighted guest cellist, Andrew Hamby of Flagstaff, where he is the concert master. Hamby’s wife, Angela, performed a solo singing Stephen Foster’s  “Slumber My Darling.”

Soprano Marilyn Pyle also sang a delightful Barbara Streisand number, “Evergreen,” with the accompaniment of the string quartet.

The music was rich and filled the large room despite several familiar faces being absent from the concert, including Suzi Walker of Brawley.

“I had too many medical procedures to be faithful to practice this time. Unfortunately, there were several of us that couldn’t participate as we normally do. Luckily we will all be back for the next performance,” Walker said.

As Director Lang is known to do, he ended the concert with the audience joining in with the chorale on the last refrain of the final song, which was the Rodgers & Hammerstein hit, “Edelweiss.”

The Master Chorale’s next concert is scheduled for May 15 at the Pioneers Museum. It is entitled, “Oklahoma Chuckwagon Hoedown,” and this dinner show is being advertised as something not to miss.