Lady Wildcats Win Soccer Match Over Central Spartans 2-1

Brawley’s Taylor Carranza (#1) gets a save after an attempted goal by the Spartans Wednesday night.

BRAWLEY — The Brawley Wildcats girls’ soccer team hosted the Central Spartans Wednesday evening, where the Wildcats defeated the Spartans with a score of 2-1, giving the Wildcats their third league win of the season.

The game remained scoreless for most of the first half. The Wildcats got a successful chance for a goal with a cross by team captain Elizabeth Parra (#11) to Kristelle Silva (#7) who headed it into the net. Following this drive, the Spartans had a close chance on a free kick by Katya Lopez (#11), whose kick was snagged by Brawley goalie Taylor Carranza (#1).

Finishing out the first half, the Wildcats’ Parra was awarded a penalty kick for a successful kick past goalie Ashley Quiroz (#01), after Quiroz attacked Parra’s feet on a previous attempt.

Starting off the second half, Brawley goalie Carranza performed a successful diving block from a goal attempt by Central’s forward Arely Pacheco (#4). Still working on their momentum, the Spartans took another shot that was headed out of the goal by Jalyn Ayala (#10) on a close save.

Following the possession, the Wildcats had a suspenseful chance at a goal as Alexes Perez (#9) kicked her block right before the goal, electrifying the spectators.

The Spartans eventually came through late in the second half with a goal by Lopez, who kicked it in from the right corner of the box.

Finishing out the match, the Wildcats held the Spartans to just one point, grabbing their eighth win of the season.

The Wildcats will move on to play the Palo Verde Yellow Jackets February 7, while the Spartans were traveling to Palo Verde February 2, to face off with the Yellow Jackets for their own league match up.