Lady Gaga Wastes 365,000 Gallons of Water during CA Drought while shooting PSA to Conserve Water


by John Nolte


SAN SIMEON – Radar Online reports that during one of the worst droughts in California’s history, Lady Gaga wasted 365,000 gallons of precious water while shooting a video at the Hearst Castle.

After paying a fee of $250,000, Gaga filled the famous Neptune Pool with water from what Radar describes as an on-site plant. The water was supposed to be re-used after the shoot for irrigation but during the shoot chlorine had been added, which would kill any plant life it touched.

Part of Gaga’s agreement with the Hearst Foundation was to film a PSA about conserving water.

Gaga denies wasting the water.

California’s current drought is the worst in over a hundred years.