Kalin Road Bridge requires emergency work




EL CENTRO – The Board of Supervisors voted for emergency repair work for Kalin Road bridge Tuesday at their regular meeting.

According to Brunet, the major issue is the deterioration of the road surface due to the age of structural material that caused depressions to form and therefore the integrity of the abutments were reduced.

The bridge is now closed to all traveling public with protective concrete K-rails restricting all vehicles. A detour has been established.

Kalin Road is classified as a major road north of Brawley that connects to Bannister Road and is a critical link to the northern area of the county with over 500 trips logged per day. It is also the emergency access point for the geothermal plants north of Highway 86 and restricts emergency vehicles that might be needed for any potential accident.

It was stressed to the board that repairs start immediately and be done quickly. William Brunet, Director Public Works, said the work was an emergency necessity precluding giving notice for bids.

Brunet said that if the bridge continued to be used in its current condition without repair further damage to the structure would present serious hazards to the users.

The bridge work will consist of removing the asphalt paving near the bridge and possibly portions of the bridge approach slabs, excavating non suitable soil material, replacing wood and replacing structure backfill, and finally replacing the structure approach slabs and roadway paving. Brunet said that the existing girders and stringers have rotted, but the work in general would require no engineering.


The board authorized the immediate commencement of repair of Kalin Bridge under an emergency basis.