Jury Finds Neil Evan Green Found Guilty of First Degree Murder

Neil Green
Neil Green

EL CENTRO — Following nearly a week of closed door deliberations, the jury in the case of the People vs. Neil Evan Green returned a verdict of guilty of first degree murder with malice and forethought in the July 6, 2012 death of his father, Melvin Green.

Defendant Neil Evan Green was found guilty of bludgeoning his 62-year-old father to death in their El Centro home with an aluminum baseball bat following an argument. There were no witnesses to the murder other than Green.

Green’s defense team had asked the charge be reduced to manslaughter while claiming Neil Green killed his father in self-defense.

However, Marco Nunez, the prosecution attorney from the Imperial County District Attorney’s office, had argued that the accused’s story of self-defense did not hold up against the autopsy evidence that showed the bludgeoning took place while the victim was sitting, not chasing his son.

Nunez also pointed out the strength and youth of Neil Green versus the victim, who was in his sixties and overweight, making it nearly impossible for the father to have put Neil in the headlock Green claimed was part of the attack. Green also did not show any remorse for what he had done, not during the 911 call nor when he was on the stand, Nunez claimed.

Green’s sentencing, which could possibly include the death penalty,  will be decided at a later date.