Juanita Lowe Gallery Features Artists who Showcase the Desert



IMPERIAL – A new gallery has opened at Imperial Valley College’s Juanita Lowe Gallery featuring the work of artists Matthew Picon and Terry Arena.

Picon is a sculptor using large industrial-sized pieces who draws inspiration from the desert landscape. His main focus piece of the show was “Coyotes, Whiskey, and Fireworks”.

“It’s real nice to see your work up and hear the kind of dialogue it creates,” said Picon.

Arena’s work, entitled “Symbiotic Crisis: Southwest,”  focuses on bees and their impact on the environment, especially in agricultural communities. Some of her drawings are so minuscule that viewers had to use a magnifying glass to see all of the delicate details.

Both artists created work that have a connection to the Imperial Valley and the desert environment according to Carol Hegarty, who also said the gallery is thrilled to have the two artists’ work on display.

The show runs from Sept 1-28 and is open to the public free of charge.