Missionary Jonathon Hawk to Visit Imperial Valley

Jonathan Hawk co-founder of HANNAH House, with fiancee Ashley Boren
Jonathan Hawk co-founder of HANNAH House, with fiancee Ashley Boren
By Jonathon Hawk
Greetings from Thailand!
We would like to address investing in Disciple Thailand Ministries. We believe in investing time both with individuals 
and groups. Though investing in people one on one involves more work; but it leaves an everlasting impression. Jesus chose 12 who then in turn chose others, and those others chose even more and now Christianity is what it is today because of Jesus’ 
We too want to develop that work ethic, model, and heart, to truly love, encourage, care, and train individuals who will in turn do the same, creating a ripple effect to bring the love of Christ to all of Thailand. 
Why we invest mainly in young adults? 

Many young adults we minister to fit into one of two 
categories. First they are new believers and/or second 
they grew up in Christian children homes. However, 
almost every one of them has no clue how to truly 
step out and follow Christ. In their world being a 
Christian is being an outsider and they face many 
pressures by growing up in a Buddhist culture. Even 
the ones who come from Christian children homes typically have no idea how to have a basic quiet time. 
We believe by investing into young adults they will in 
turn be able to train and teach others as well as be an influence for Christ to their families. We also see 
these young adults as the next leaders of Thailand 
who will one day, God willing, lead many more to Christ. Why does it cost so much to support a girl? 
It costs $150 to fully support a girl at Hannah House. 
Though Thailand is relatively inexpensive, living in 
the city does cost more than living in a village. The $150 is divided into providing rent, utilities, basic 
needs of the girls, supplies, and Pin our house mom.

What is our future vision?

Jonathan and I plan on being in Thailand for many years, 
though the future is not certain. Our goal, by investing into those around us, is so one day the ministry will be able to operate without any foreign influence. We 
would like to start a discipleship movement where people come to Jesus, learn to be obedient to Him, as well as train others by showing His love.
We are trying 
to save money for future projects such as having books translated, doing more events in our neighborhood to see others reached for Christ, and maybe even one day 
buying a home for the ministry instead of renting.
If you would like to partner with us you can do so by going online at disciplethailand.org. 
Or making your check out to 
Disciple Thailand Ministries and  
send it to: 
Trinity Baptist Church P.O. Box 776, Holtville, CA 92250 dicsiplethailand.org 
We are coming back to the valley!
We will be speaking at the following places. We would love for you to join us at one of these events, or if you would like to join one of our dinner events, please contact Susie Hawk at (760) 960-2097.
November 6 – Trinity Baptist, Holtville
November 8 – Turning Point, Holtville
November 13 – Nazarene El Centro
November 16 – Christ Community, El Centro
November 18 – Victory Outreach
November 20 – Remnant Church
November 27 – Cornerstone
December 3 – CCC Far East Asia Missions Dinner
December 4 – Chinese Baptist
December 11 – Calvary Chapel, El Centro
Jonathan Hawk is a local Holtville native that fell in love with God and then the Thai people. He has opened up a housing/discipleship program for young Thai girls that need to escape from unhealthy lifestyles. He also goes into the Thai prisons sharing the love and gospel of Jesus Christ.