Jim Hanks and IID along with IV County win Geothermal Energy Association Honors 2014

Jim Hanks
James Cleo Hanks -IID Director

WASHINGTON — The Geothermal Energy Association issued the following news release:

The Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) announced today the winners of their 2014 GEA Honors, which recognizes companies, projects, and individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in the geothermal industry.

The winners were selected in categories including Technological Advancement, Economic Development and Environmental Stewardship.

Now in its fourth year, GEA also provides special recognition of companies and individuals who have made notable advances and achievements for geothermal energy.

GEA will present the Honors at an awards ceremony as part of the upcoming National Geothermal Summit being held in Reno August 5th and 6th.

The following local companies and individuals will be awarded 2014 GEA Honors in the following categories:

Environmental Stewardship: Awarded for fostering outstanding environmental stewardship through the use of geothermal systems.

* Salton Sea Restoration & Renewable Energy Initiative: Under the leadership and vision of James Cleo Hanks, president, IID Board of Directors, Imperial Irrigation District, in partnership with the County of Imperial, embarked upon the Salton Sea Restoration & Renewable Energy Initiative in 2013.

This initiative was designed to help address the Salton Sea crisis by siting renewable energy projects on the exposed lakebed which would environmental impacts, fund wildlife habitat and air quality management projects, and spur local economic development and job creation.


* Ormat Technologies, Inc.: Ormat’sDon A. Campbell Geothermal Project uses a new, innovative, low temperature ORC cycle utilizing a butane working fluid that is capable of producing affordable, utility scale power using a resource with a reservoir temperature as low as 260 degrees Fahrenheit.


Special Recognition: The Special Recognition Award is presented to the following companies and individuals for their outstanding achievement in the geothermal industry:


* James C. Hanks, President, Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors: President Hanks is being honored for his courage and vision in addressing the Salton Sea crisis through the innovative use of the natural resources that abound in IID’s service area. Under his leadership, IID has demonstrated, through the use of investment and political capital, its commitment to advancing renewable energy development–particularly the resurgence of geothermal energy development–in its service area for the benefit of the Salton Sea, the region, California and future generations.




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