Blasphemy you say! I love our Christian radio station KGBA for its variety of great programs. I especially listen to authors of books for Christians. Recently I read No More Christian Nice Guy by Paul Coughlin. I also read a couple of his other books. I have been reflecting on the recent election and the many paths to perdition which the good old USA is pursuing. “One reason we are in this mess Ollie” is because the Christian community is too nice. Paul’s book makes a great case for being “good” rather than nice.

Too often Christians want to turn the other cheek, which makes sense, but scripture does not condone the doormat! When I say Jesus wasn’t nice, I am parroting brother Paul, because when there was a wrong going on, our Father was most politically incorrect. A good example is when folks were selling in the temple, Jesus made a “whip out of cords, and drove them all from the temple area!” (John 2:15). In Coughlin’s notes on nice guys, he makes a good case for us men being very nice at work and in the community, and then we lose our anger management with our families. In Matthew 23:33 He takes on leaders of the law and states “You snakes! You brood of vipers!” As we all know, it is not nice to call people names.

My point here is not to condone physical or emotional abuse by Christian men, but to consider, when out in the world, it is more important to be assertive rather than passive. Jesus also called out His disciples, and like we should be with our family members, it is to correct, rebuke, encourage and restore. Too often, at home, men lose control, hurt our loved ones, and self-justify it by thinking we are being spiritual leaders in the home.

This message is a call to action for more men’s ministry both in our churches, in the community and in the cultural wars around us. Each church needs to do more for the men so we can lead our families and communities as God has called us. We also need to share the Good News about positive stuff going on around us that men from all churches can tap into. There was a great men’s conference at Gateway Church last year and I hope it was not a one-time deal. Our church at Valley Baptist has a men’s breakfast planned for January 5, to get our men moving in the right direction for the coming year. Promise-Keepers is also having a conference in Phoenix on April 19 in 2013 so me and some of my mentor’s and friends are already dialed into that.

Let’s make this a good year rather than a nice one. Unfortunately, men, we have been there and done that!!