IVROP Receives funds for Child Abuse Prevention Program


IVROPEL CENTRO – The Imperial County Board of Supervisors passed the vote to approve the fiscal year budget of the IVROP at their regular meeting on Tuesday February 5.

The funds came from the state at $200,000 and was chosen for the IVROP unanimously in a ranked picking over the summer of 2012.  However the Child Abuse Prevention Council, a program that helps victims of child abuse cases all over the Imperial County that has been around since, did not receive as high a ranking as it had received in the past as was noted by board member Michael Kelly.  With new requirements not met, the program was not awarded the same funds as the IVROP or ranked nearly as high.

With the board’s approval the IVROP representatives stated that they plan to continue its work with CAC and aiding in the funding that will be need to help the program continue its work.

“I just think it’s unfortunate that things change and the long standing Child Abuse Prevention Council is being crippled by the lack of funding that they so desperately need,” said Kelly.

Also on the agenda was the renewing of the Imperial County Midwinter Fair contract for the county sheriff office that would give $34,000 in funds to the sheriff’s department for the service.  This motion was quickly passed in a unanimous 5-0 vote in favor of carrying what the heads of the board called a tradition.


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