Brawley Dominates IVL Swim Championship

File Photo: 2016 Holtville Stingray girls
File Photo: 2016 Holtville Stingray girls

YUMA, AZ. – The Yuma Wahoo hosted the Imperial Valley swim team for a Championship meet at Marcus Pool on July 23, where teams fought for top spots.

Brawley girls dominated the butterfly stroke events, winning five of the six races, taking first.  Brawley’s Kelsey Baraggiotta, 6, won her age division for the butterfly stroke, finishing with a final time of 32.45, beating Imperial’s Cienna Alvarez, not far behind with a time of 34.95.

The men’s butterfly stroke, El Centro’s Ethan Gonzales, 8, finished with the fastest time, 23.90, adding to his team’s overall score. At the end of the first twelve events, Brawley had taken the lead both on the boys’ and girls’ teams, giving them the first place spot.

Going into the Back Stroke, Talanee Benton, 5, demonstrated her drive finishing first for Imperial with a  time of 34.67, followed by Cienna Alvarez with 35.53. Yuma’s Talen Osborn, 14, finished with 28.01 for a first in the 50-yard race. Fellow teammate Mikael Lamayo, 14, finished behind Talan with a time time of 30.40 adding team points. Bringing the Back Stroke races to a close, Yuma’s Jeffery Martin, 18, had the fasted time with 26.07. Despite Yuma’s efforts in this event, Brawley still managed to win overall, keeping its lead throughout the event.

For the freestyle race, fighting for the last remaining points, Brawley demonstrated their hard work once again, Adara Pena finished with the fast time in the 25-yard swim, ending with a time of 17.21. Not far behind, fellow teammate, Danielle Ostermann, 8, finished second with a time of 17.73. For the older swimmers, Brawley’s Jacob Ritter, 15, finished the 50-yards freestyle race with a final time of 22.78, demonstrating what he has learned throughout the year.

With the season coming to a close, Brawley managed to claim this year’s IVL 2016 championship.