IVC’s workforce seminar informs and engages community


IMPERIAL – Imperial Valley College hosted a National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) Seminar for businesses June 16 where students, instructors, and future entrepreneurs alike were treated to presentations by local CEOs and program directors informing the public about employment and corporate insights.

During the seminar, a segment was dedicated to the discussion of implementing ACT Work Ready Communities.

Paolo Espaldon of the San Diego and Imperial County Regional Consortium conducted a presentation highlighting the necessary tools and preparation required to enter the workforce.

“Students just entering the work force to long time employees need to understand the skills that employers require and how to prepare themselves for success,” explained Espaldon.

According to their website, the ACT Work Ready initiative utilizes assessment and certification expertise to help people in the community build an ecosystem that links education, and workforce development that aligns the economic development needs of everyone involved, matching individuals with jobs according to skill level.

The ACT NCRC is based on three work-key assessments: locating information, reading for information, and applied mathematics, which are areas that employers deem essential to workplace success, according to Espaldon’s lecture.

Approximately 16,850 employers recognize the ACT NCRC,  and over 3 million certificates have been registered. Twenty-four states already have counties with ACT Work Ready communities implemented.

The goal is to empower states, regions, and counties with data, processes, and tools that perpetuate economic growth – as well as link, align, and match the workforce development efforts.

IVC is currently providing curriculum training and workforce assessments free of charge for students and businesses. 

At the conclusion of the seminar, coffee and fresh fruit were provided for the attendees as well as discussion for attendees on any last questions about networking opportunities.