IVC men’s basketball loses to San Diego City College

Marquis Goldman (#1) drives in for lay-up. Photo by Kalin Turner.

IMPERIAL — Imperial Valley College hosted the San Diego City College Knights on Wednesday evening where the Knights defeated the Arabs with a score of 90-61.

Through the first half of play, the Knights kept an eight-point lead over IVC, with a score of 16-8. With ten minutes left on the clock in the first half, IVC put up one point on free throw by Marquice Brown (#3), off a personal foul call. Following, Knight Nate Edwards (#24) worked down the court for two points on a lay-up, making the score 9-18. On a rebound, the Knights took back possession, passing to guard, Romario Wilson (#5), who shot for a three-point field goal. IVC guard Marquis Goldman (#1) shot his own 19-foot three pointer, electrifying his team. On the next play, IVC’s Perry Cromwell received a pass, resulting in a lay-up to close out the first half. Yet the spurt of momentum was halted with the buzzer, and the score read 51-27, in favor of the Knights.

Kicking off the second half of play, the Knights sparked with Wonder Smith (#10) driving into the key for a lay-up, and drawing a personal foul for an “and-one” free throw, totaling three points. IVC’s Rick Cesena (#21) answered back with a jump shot from the top of the key, for two-points. Cesena followed up by driving into the key for a lay-up.

With the clock winding down, IVC’s Marquis Ellison (#11) nabbed a steal for a fast break to the basket and putting up points. The Knights, failing to score on their possession, gave up the ball to IVC, where Cromwell shot a much needed three-pointer.

The Knights pushed forward, with Wilson maneuvering around the defenders for a lay-up, bringing the score to 78-48. IVC came back with Ellison passing to Brandon Martinez (#23) for two-points. As time ran down, San Diego College continued to press their lead with a three-pointer by Robert McCoy (#3), making the score 83-53, and all but assuring a win for the Knights.

Yet IVC’s Cromwell continued to pound the boards, shooting a three-pointer from behind the line, followed with a lay-up by senior Luis Vizcaino. However, the deficit could not be breached, and the last-ditch efforts by the Arabs brought the final score to 90-61.

Following their match against the Knights, IVC traveled to Rancho San Diego, where they faced the Coyotes for their final game of the season, and defeated the Coyotes with a score of 77-62, giving IVC an 8-17 record for the season.