IVC Students Receive More than just Information at Student Health Fair

Imperial Valley College Student Kristian Ruiz receives a flu shot during the Student Health and Wellness Fair Tuesday afternoon.

EL CENTRO – In an effort to improve the quality of life for students, Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District in coordination with Imperial Valley College and other local health agencies and providers held a Student Health and Wellness Fair Tuesday afternoon at the Imperial Valley College campus (IVC).

Hundreds of students took advantage of the complimentary health screenings offered which included flu vaccines, blood pressure and cholesterol screenings as well as blood-glucose tests for diabetes, vision screenings, BMI testing and nutritional consultations. All consultations and screenings were conducted under the oversight of Pioneers professional health care providers.

“Pioneers is committed to the well-being of Imperial Valley College students and staff,” said Larry Lewis, CEO of Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District. “It’s important that our local students have the needed health resources to live a healthier life in order for them to attend college.”

Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District Community Outreach Coordinator Richard Morales said the event is held bi-annually during the fall and spring seasons.

“These events are held as initiatives to reach out to the students while educating them with regards to health and resources that are available to them, especially those who just graduated from high school (and are) entering into college,” said Morales.

Aleyda Montejano, an IVC student, took an eye exam during the health and wellness fair and said she learned a lot from the many resource tables that were present providing information and handing out brochures.

According to PMH Volunteer Amber Armstrong, over 50 students had received the flu shot within the first hour.

“It had been a while since my last flu shot, therefore I took advantage of the service,” said Kristian Ruiz, another IVC student. “This is a good opportunity for students to receive free services and receive valuable information.”

Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District is committed to helping improve the health of the IVC community and currently operates the Imperial Valley College Student Health Center and provides basic health service such as first aid and care for minor illnesses to students. The services also include health education health and nutritional programs.

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