IVC Men’s Basketball Team Hosts Summer Camp for Local Kids

Children team up to get a feel for a live game to experience the fast pace of the game.
Kids team up at Imperial Valley College’s two-week long basketball camp to get a feel for a live game and to experience the fast pace of basketball.

IMPERIAL — With plans for several different types of organized activities, Imperial Valley College men’s basketball team is hosting a two-week summer basketball camp that began on August 1, to help teach young players the fundamentals of basketball. A large group of kids ages six through 17 showed up eager to learn, and were divided up into groups to begin their training.

For the first station, two teams were crafted and a scrimmage was held in the designated age groups teaching students the fundamentals of the game. Both teams displayed their prior knowledge as they fought back a form.

Other drills included dribbling skills and teaching players to always keep their heads up when running or dribbling down the court, as well as coaching on the mentality of the game.

“We are here to teach the children the fundamentals of the game,” said Luis Vizcaino, an IVC sophomore basketball player and camp coach.

Throughout the two week camp, the college basketball team hopes to add new techniques to the schedule each day to keep the children learning and becoming better players of the game.

“As we add new stations to our camp, we hope the children attending will reach an advanced level of the game,” said Vizcaino, “As well as get the word out about our team and how big of a sport basketball is in our community.”

As the first day of the camp ended, kids were able to go home with more professional knowledge of the game, with plans to practice and prepare for the new material IVC’s basketball team and head coach Andrew Robinson has in store.

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