IVC Hosts Annual Welcome Back BBQ


IVC BBQIMPERIAL — Imperial Valley College took time out of its hectic schedules, Thursday, March 5, and invited their students to relax and unwind from classes at the annual “Welcome Back BBQ.” Students lined up to chow down as the Associated Student Government came together to serve students hot dogs and drinks. For others, it was an opportunity for the returning students to reacquaint and have discussions with their fellow classmates and meet the new students.

“Every semester, the Associated Student Government welcomes back our students and wish the best of luck to our new students,” said nineteen year-old Alexis Soto, who is studying political science at Imperial Valley College. “We serve about eight hundred to nine hundred hot dogs and they go quickly.” said Soto.

College clubs also attended the BBQ, introducing themselves to the student body. They handed out club information to the students including upcoming activities.

“We are a club that emphasizes faith and spirituality,” said Elijah Bañaga of the “Imperial Valley College Christian Club.”

“We are representing the SSS Club,” said Diego Beltran. “Our club is based on team work, we do community service and fundraisers. We want to spread the word that a club doesn’t have to prefer a certain religion or background. We are here to have fun and enjoy our time in college,” said Beltran.

El Centro resident Aaron Charles Estrada who is the vice-president of the Imperial Valley College LGBTQ Club also took some time to discuss his club. “The purpose of our club is to provide a safe place for students to meet up, support each other, and work to support the students of the club.  All are welcome,” said Estrada.