IVC Board of Trustees take action on Juanita Salas



Juanita Salas. File photo.

IMPERIAL — The Imperial Valley College (IVC) Board of Trustees voted to disapprove of actions by former IVC Board Trustee Juanita Salas for violations of IVC Board Policy Wednesday, July 19, at their regularly scheduled meeting.

IVC Board President Dr. Victor Jaime received a complaint from a student that IVC Board Trustee Juanita Salas improperly used her influence as a trustee to speak to a political science class on campus on May 3, 2017 regarding her campaign for Imperial Irrigation District Director. The student also claimed that while in class, Salas asked students to volunteer for her campaign.

The board president, pursuant to board policy, appointed an Ad Hoc Committee to review the allegations. IVC Board Trustees Jerry Hart, Louis Wong, and Romualdo Medina made up the Ad Hoc committee.

The Ad Hoc Committee report was presented to the board at the meeting on the actions of then Trustee Juanita Salas.

The Ad Hoc Committee found that Salas violated portions of the IVC Board Policy 2715 (Code of Ethics) and portions of IVC Board Policy 2716 (Political Activity).

Their specific and limited action was to express the board’s disapproval of Trustee Salas’s conduct, which was recommended by the Ad Hoc Committee after its findings. There is no other action by the board against Salas.

The board voted to schedule a study session regarding Board Policy 2715.

Salas resigned form the IVC Board of Trustees at the last board meeting on June 21, 2017. The vacancy left by Salas will be filled by an appointment by the board. They have 60 days from the date of her resignation to fill the position.

The Imperial County District Attorney’s Office has received a written request to investigate allegations involving campaigning on the IVC campus.

“We forwarded that request to the imperial County Sheriff’s Office, as well as the Attorney General’s Office,” said Assistant District Attorney Deborah Owen. “A verbal request was received in early June. We routinely ask that these type of requests be submitted in written form. On June 19, we received the written request that was then forwarded to the Sheriff’s Office and the Attorney General. They will determine if a crime was committed.”







  1. Out of town Union money of over $60,000 bought this election for Salas and also paid for those unsuspecting IVC student volunteers and more.

  2. Now, the teacher allowed Juanita to speak at the Political Science Class the perfect environment for this kind of presentation. Why were the other three candidates not invited by the teacher? The teacher open the door.

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