IVC Board Trustee under investigation


IMPERIAL — The Imperial Valley College (IVC) Board, in accordance with Board policy, has appointed a three-member panel of trustees to investigate a complaint levied against a trustee, according to IVC public information officer, Bill Gay. This panel will be reviewing the complaint and will report its findings to the board as required in the policy.

IVC Board President Karla Sigmond read a statement in public May 18 when she announced the complaint at the last Board of Trustees meeting.

“I was approached by a student complaining that a Board member running for another elected office attended the student’s class made a PowerPoint presentation and asked for campaign volunteers,” said Sigmond. “This type of complaint is processed under Board Policy 2715, Code of Ethics/Standards of Practice. As Board President, I will be implementing the protocol found in that policy. I will appoint an ad hoc committee as set out in BP 2715.”

IVC President Victor Jaime said the ad hoc committee is in the middle of the investigation.

“Trustee Juanita Salas is being investigated,” said Jaime. “Information on the investigation will not come out until the next board meeting on June 20.”

At the time of publication, Ms. Salas had not returned attempts to contact her for comment.



  1. The optics on this are not good for Ms. Salas. When we are in positions of authority, we really need to be extra careful with our conduct. All high schools have political science and civics classes. Since she is running in District 1, she should have sought out those high school classes in her district. The IVC instructor, if a friend of Salas, could have offered extra credit for students to work on her campaign. High school students in District 1 NEED those running for office to go to their classrooms, not only to introduce them to political leadership, but also get them involved in politics close to home. The other thing is it would probably get the candidate more votes from those in her District. It is not fair, to give kids from Calexico (in an IVC class), extra credit, for campaigning in El Centro. Future IVC board members, I am sure will not make the same mistake, but maybe they will get involved with local high schools. Now that would be good optics!!!

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