Smashing Pumpkins – Live at IVC Pumpkin Patch




IMPERIAL – The Imperial Valley College Agriculture Club held their 8th Annual pumpkin patch Friday and Saturday.

As children filled the pumpkin patch to find that special pumpkin to decorate for Halloween a hay ride filled with families circled the field.

Pumpkins of all colors were for sale, from white to orange, pumpkins could be bought at the IVC pumpkin patch. Prices for the different pumpkins ranged from $2.00 for small white ones, to $7.00 for the large orange ones. Decorating tables were set up with carving utensils and stickers to decorate.

Dana Polly, representative for the IVC Agucultural Club, spoke about how this year was different form last year’s event. “Last year, we sold out of pumpkins on Friday night, this year, we are busier on Saturday. It is a lot of fun and it helps finance the Ag Department.”

The famous Ag Club “pumpkin chunkin trebuchet” machine was in full gear near the pumpkin patch throwing orange gourds far and wide with the same, smashing finale . Visitors could buy a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch and then toss it with the trabuchet.

All proceeds earned at the event were donated to the IVC Agriculture Club.