Ivan Vildosola awarded ‘Teacher of the Year’ award



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Ronald Garcia Brawley’s Elementary School Superintendent presents Ivan Vildosola with the ‘Teacher of the Year’ award

BRAWLEY- Residents of Imperial Valley came out to show their support for their local Brawley teachers at a “Welcome Back Teachers Dinner” held at the Stockmen’s Club Thursday evening.

The 2nd Annual event was established to honor teachers of the local community. Each elementary school in Brawley  nominated a teacher of choice they believed  qualified for “Teacher of the Year” award along with BUHS.

Each sponsor for the award ceremony dinner took a few minutes to speak on the importance of teachers and for the support from the community. They also expressed why they chose to sponsor the ‘Welcome Back Teachers Dinner” and donate gifts for the raffle. “This evening is not about me, it’s about all the teachers and people in the education community and I just wanted to say thank you!” said Kathleen Lang, spokesperson for the California Health and Wellness.

Each school representative announced their nominee for the year and awarded the chosen teacher with an award. Barbara Worth Junior High School was the first school to nominate their teacher, Ivan Vildosola, a 7th and 8th grade STEM Teacher. STEM is an academic program of science, technology, engineering, and mathematic where every student participates.

Other nominees for ‘Teacher of the Year’ included Laura Duarte, fifth grade teacher at Hildago Elementary School, Cheryl Charlton, a third grade teacher for Myron D. Witter Elementary School, Gail Zeigler for Phil Swing Elementary School, Christy Lee, a ‘Special Day’ teacher for J.W Oakley Elementary School and Brawley Union High School’s graphic design/photography teacher, Jonathan Archer.

Vildosola, who was awarded the “Teacher of Year” award trophy of a red crystal apple, told guest “I am really excited and honored to be thought of as a great teacher, when they told me two weeks ago I was nominated I was so happy.” Vildosola is a first year STEM teacher but has taught three years of math at Barbara Worth Junior High School.


  1. just think after a year where he will be. he must be holding garcia’s hand and taking care of the right people. one year and this… wow!!!!! who picks these people for this award. i am sure he is a good teacher but come on….

  2. Recent hire by Hardbread and already Teacher of the Year. Please……..there are various candidates who have done far more.

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