IV Symphony Winter Concert a Breath of Fresh Air

Joel Jacklich, Founding Music Director/Conductor of the IV Symphony, shares one of his stories


EL CENTRO — Joel Jacklich and the Imperial Valley Symphony delighted their audience Saturday night at the Jimmy Cannon Performing Arts Theater in El Centro with beautiful music by Bennett, Haydn, Elgar and Shostakovich.

Guest Artist Andrew Hamby performs entire piece from memory

The highlight of the evening was Andrew Hamby, Flagstaff Symphony’s principal cellist. He performed the Cello Concerto No. 1. in C Major, amazing the appreciative audience with his virtuoso performance, all by memory.

“This is one of the few pieces that I have memorized,” said Hamby. “I have played it many times. I probably practiced this piece for more than 40 hours. The flagstaff symphony that I play with is a fantastic orchestra. I get to play with some very talented musicians.”

He joined his brother, Luke Hamby, concertmaster, along with several other musicians, as an encore to his performance.

Jacklich had two guest conductors. One was a young man, Esteban Corona, who is principal viola when not conducting. He gave a spirited, presentation of Elgar’s work. A bright future awaits Mr. Corona.

Dr. Matthew Busse finished the evening conducting the lively Festival Overture, Op. 96 by Shostakovich. Since 2007, Dr. Busse leads the Southwest High School orchestra in concerts.

The next performance will be May 2nd at the Jimmy Cannon Performing Arts Center.