IV Expo CEO grateful for Valley support

The 109th California Mid-Winter Fair has come and gone. On behalf of myself and the Board of Directors, I want to extend a huge thank you to the Imperial County community for their support.
2016 was a record year for the fair in almost all areas so comparing
this year to last year doesn’t tell the entire picture. While we were
up in some areas, and down in others when comparing them to last year.
However if you compare to the average numbers from the last 4 years we
are on an upward path.
The livestock show and sale nearly matched last year’s record year,
down less than 1%. Many of our buyers come from the farming community
who, overall, have not had a great year. This alone is a testament to
this community and their support for this program and the youth who
We made some small changes throughout the fair which we hope enhanced
the fairgoers experience. Things such as our mobile app, slight changes
in the entertainment lineup, facility enhancements and others are things
we will continue to improve upon.
There are so many people to thank, that listing them individually would
be impossible. To all the people who were employed, volunteered, or just
came out and had a corn dog we thank you!
Change is not often easy or popular and cannot happen overnight. It is a
process, but with the continued support of the community we will
continue to make improvements and strive to make the California
Mid-Winter Fair and Fiesta one of the annual highlights and a place
where the Imperial County becomes a community!
Alan Phillips
Chief Executive Officer
California Mid-Winter Fair & Fiesta