IV Coalition for Life changes tactics against ECRMC from suit to (baby) clothes

Dr. Alveda King to visit El Centro City Council meeting, May 5.
Dr. Alveda King to visit El Centro City Council meeting, May 5.

EL CENTRO — The Imperial Valley Coalition for Life (IVCL) spokesperson, Chris Nunn, told the El Centro City Council at their last meeting that although their organization feels confident of winning their case accusing ECRMC hospital board with Brown Act violations in regard to their closed session vote on the Planned Parenthood Transfer Agreement, they plan on a different tact to save babies.

Nunn said that with the current hospital board’s make-up, even winning the case would not change the outcome of permitting Planned Parenthood to operate an abortion clinic in the city. Instead, the IVCL will hold a large baby shower outside of the city council.

“We believe that we have an excellent chance at winning this case, and our legal counsel is ready and willing to file on our behalf. However, it is our belief based upon the current make up of the hospital board that even if we were to win, it would not likely change the outcome of the situation,” Nunn said.

Besides a baby shower outside of the city council’s meeting, the IVCL has invited the niece of the late Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., Dr. Alveda King, to speak to the council concerning her position on abortions.

The IVCL asks the public to donate baby gifts such as diapers, wipes, baby clothes, and new baby car seats for the baby shower.