Income qualification levels change for energy assistance; more customers may benefit

dollar bill
EL CENTRO – Due to recent changes in federal poverty guidelines, more customers of Imperial Irrigation District may become eligible for the district’s energy income-assistance programs.

Changes to the poverty guidelines have raised the allowable maximum level of income to qualify for energy-assistance programs, such as IID’s Residential Energy Assistance Program. The REAP program provides qualifying customers a 20 percent discount on their electric bill. The reduction is 30 percent for eligible seniors, age 65 and older.

The new maximum allowable income levels are:

• 1-2 in household, $27,143 (up from $25,742.50)
• 3 in household, $34,178 (up from $32,427.50)
• 4 in household, $41,213 (up from $39,112.50)
• 5 in household, $48,248 (up from $45,797.50)
• For each additional person, add $7,035 (up from $6,685)

“For many families, getting help with their energy bills really makes a difference,” said Bob Fugett, energy general superintendent. “With the changes in the maximum level of income to qualify, we hope more customers will participate.”

IID encourages customers to apply for the Residential Energy Assistance Program if they meet the income-qualifying guidelines. To apply, stop by an IID payment center or visit the district’s website to obtain an application.

As a reminder, customers enrolled in the Residential Energy Assistance Program must complete an application annually; qualified seniors must reapply every two years. Accounts must be current to qualify. All delinquencies or transfers or collection accounts must be paid before enrolled. IID recommends applicants apply for financial assistance for delinquent amounts from federal/state/local agencies before enrolling.

For more information about the program, please call IID customer service at 1-800-303-7756 or click here.