In last week of challenge competition remains fierce among federal agencies


The Combatants:

U.S. Border PatrolU.S. Border Patrol – El Centro Sector

Naval Air Facility El CentroNaval Air Facility El Centro

U.S.Customs and Border ProtectionU.S. Customs and Border Protection – Calexico Ports of Entry


Imperial Valley Food Bank

EL CENTRO, Calif. – The combined might of local federal agencies competing in the Feds Feed Families competition has resulted in huge gains for the Imperial Valley Food Bank.

The latest results of the weigh-ins are official and the Calexico Ports of Entry maintain their lead over NAF El Centro and the El Centro Sector Border Patrol. The final numbers, expected late next week will determine the final winner and the owner of the coveted “Ultimate Food Gathering Challenge” belt.

Adding 6,652 pounds this week, the Calexico Ports of Entry raised their total to 24,580 pounds of food. On a per capita basis, the method the three contenders are using to level the playing field, CPE has raised 49.16 pounds per person.

The Global Force for Good from NAF El Centro managed to raise another 6,304 pounds bringing their total to 17,546 pounds or 43.87 pounds of food per person. The Navy is edging up on the first place position, but do they have enough firepower to overcome?

Border Patrol’s Green Machine hauled in a massive 7,730 pounds this week bringing their total to 18, 675 pounds of food. Per capita they are currently trailing the other two with 16.97 pounds per person.

As the federal agencies view for the number one position, they recognize that the real winner is the recipients of the Imperial Valley Food Bank.Imperial Valley Food Bank