Imprisoned pastor’s situation intensifying


Paster Saaed
It has been three years since an American pastor was jailed in Iran for his Christian faith, and now there are new reports of abuse and threats against Saeed Abedini.

According to Todd Daniels of International Christian Concern (ICC), Abedini’s family living in Iran was able to visit with him a few days ago, and he told them of the latest abuse that took place in jail.

“He was severely tortured in a long interrogation by Iranian intelligence officials,” Daniels reports. “That interrogation included multiple uses of taser or stun gun, physical abuse, [and] verbal abuse that compounds the suffering he’s already faced in the past three years.”

In addition, more threats of new charges have been made — charges that would extend Pastor Abedini’s imprisonment beyond the eight years he currently faces.

“Guards have repeatedly hinted at it, and this time it seems like they put even more emphasis on that, which is obviously very disturbing to him as well as to his family — his parents, who are in the country, as well as his wife and children, who are in the United States,” the ICC spokesman relays.

Meanwhile, as Iran’s president is in the U.S. at the United Nations, Daniels urges “all world leaders to press him on how he can claim to stand for values of human dignity and yet allow the abuse of people simply for what they believe.”