Imperial’s QB Club Resurrects Tradition of Victory Bell


observation-sheet-jtIMPERIAL – The Imperial Quarterback Club has had a hand in just about every sport the Imperial High School offers students, and now the association is resurrecting a past tradition that will help ignite even more school spirit for the entire town — the football victory bell.

“The quarterback club raised the idea to athletic director Victor Cruz,” said Quarterback Club member Betty Zinn. “And according to Victor, the class of 2015 was interested in donating the extra money they had raised to get the project done.”

The tradition of the Victory Bell goes all the way back to 1970 when the iconic bell was first constructed at the south east corner of what is now the Shimamoto-Simpson stadium.

The concept was launched when legendary head Coach John Tyree was at Imperial and the varsity football players from that era would ring the bell for every point they had scored in winning games. That ringing sound would let the small town of Imperial know how many points their boys had scored against the vanquished team.

This is made possible by the quarterback club whose endeavors have always been to help the football team with the experiences they don’t always have. One of the first investments the Quarterback Club made in Imperial’s football team was in 1951 when it bought a score board for the Tigers’ stadium — much needed because of the constant controversy on the field.

“Since there was no scoreboard, the time left in the game was not always right, which lead to schools fighting over the final scores of the game,” said Lyndal Dale. “And that’s why my father, Louis Dale, and Jack Mutler went to the school to start the Quarterback Club.”

Building on the continued success of the Quarterback Club after many decades, the group has decided to help out once again.

The new Victory Bell will be rebuilt where the old was taken down, and will be ready for Imperial’s first home league game against the Central Spartans October 14, according to Zinn.

The  construction of the new bell will include a four-sided tower will which will make it bigger and better than the past one.

And the Tiger varsity football team will once again be able to take part in the tradition of celebrating after each win by letting the entire town know about their victories.

“We are happy to be bringing such a big football tradition back to our growing town, so we can remember what it was like hear that ringing, like it used to in the smaller days of our town,” said Zinn.


  1. This article is a bit erroneous. The IHS Class of 2015 DID have extra money but it was they who contacted the builder and is paying the bulk of the costs. When the cost became more than they could afford, they approached the IUSD admin who in turn contacted the Quaeterback Club who is graciously donating the balance of the costs. The Class of 2015 worked closely with the designer over the summer to create a bell tower that will make Imperial proud.

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