Imperial Valley’s Troop 4070 Holds Spring Court of Honor

(left to right) Mr. Martin, Mrs. Martin, Josh Crittendon, Dominic Fiorenza, and Ross Simmons, with Crittendon being inducted into the Order of the Arrow.

IMPERIAL — Closing out the spring season, Imperial Valley Troop 4070 leaders honored the Scouts with awards, badges, and ranking at the Court of Honor on Wednesday, June 7, at Imperial’s Veterans Hall.

The award ceremony began with the Scout color guards presenting flags, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Troop leader Jon Abatti lead the Scouts in their Oath and Law to present the values of the organization to the audience.

Scout Dominic Fiorenza lead the ceremony by welcoming the audience and asking the Scouts to introduce themselves and their families.

Finally, Troopmaster Ross G. Simmons presented the newly ranked Scouts with their badges, asking the Scouts to accompany their parents to the front of the room to be pinned demonstrating their commitment.

“It is important to remember that being a Boy Scout is an individual process,” Simmons said. “Scouts work hard to move up the ladder to produce solid values through the training and guidance they receive through different course and outings.”

The following young men earned the “Scout” name: Kaden Amparano, Edgar Blanco, Braden Botello, Logan Botello, Drew Brinnon, Caleb Cheatwood, Josiah Cheatwood, Michael Harvey, Shane Hauck, Mustafa Karakoc, Michael Macias, Blake Moreno, Harjasnoor Sidhu, and Chanakya Valmiki.

The next level in Scouts is Tenderfoot, the following earned that badge: Edgar Blanco, Braden Botello, Logan Botello, Drew Brinnon, Roman Carlos, Caleb Cheatwood, Michael Harvey, Elliot Houser, Michael Macias, and Harjasnoor Sidhu.

Those in Second Class were Julian Contreras, Elliot Houser, and Richie Navarro.

First Class badges were given to Julian Contreras, Elliot Houser, Richie Navarro, and Nico Sanchez.

The highest rank of Star was presented to two scouts, Wyatt Chase and Josh Crittendon.

One mention from the ceremony was about scout, Jay Abatti, who was going to undergo review for the highest ranking a boy scout can achieve, which is the ranking of Eagle.

One of the honors for the evening was the Religious Award, given to a Scout for meeting specific religious requirements and participating in various functions. Receiving the award was Josh Crittendon for his Christian faith and devotion to his religion. Crittendon was also brought back to the front to be inducted into the Order of the Arrow, for promoting youth leadership, under the supervision of the troop master.

Adult honors were given to Yolanda Fiorenza and John Rahiotis as Unit Volunteers of the Year.

Ending the ceremony, Color Guards retired the flags, signaling the end of the meeting. Troop 4070 will pick up with different camps and meetings throughout the summer months.

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