Imperial Valley Team Penning Association


team penningWe hope you all are having a wonderful summer. A big thank you to all who joined us last year, either helping or competing. You helped make 2014 a success. IVTPA board has been working on plans for next year and our schedule will be as follows. Mark the dates on your calendar and be sure to join us.




January 17th, 2015

February 7th, 2015

March 7th, 2015

March 21st, 2015


As of right now we will have the same line up as last year:

Open Penning

#12 Penning

Open Sorting

#7 Sorting



We ended our 2014 season on a great note and would like to congratulate all of our winners from last season!


Open Penning

1. Vern Hamilton

2. Wally McComish


#12 Penning

1. Janet Stills

2. Mike Pellkofer and Debi Pellkofer


Open Sorting

1. Wally McComish

2. Larry Cressman


#7 Sorting

1. Mikalou Valenzuela and Janet Stills

2. Trevor Burch


~*All-Around Champion*~

Vern Hamilton


If you are curious about the final points you can see the attachment for all end of the year points.


If you have any questions you can email us at