Senior All-Star Basketball Game Wows Crowd



Saad Awan (23) wins the slam dunk contest in the Imperial Valley Senior All Star Game.
Saad Awan (23) wins the slam dunk contest in the Imperial Valley Senior All Star Game.


IMPERIAL – Imperial Valley College hosted the annual High School Basketball All-Star game Wednesday, culminating in a fun and exciting night of competitive ball for the boy’s and girl’s Valley seniors.

The girls started the evening displaying skills accumulated the past four years. Among the stars was Southwest’s Jill Carrillo (10) who shined brightest with most points and working the court with her ball-handling skills.

“I think all the girls on the court did a tremendous job and really showcased what they were about, as well as their passion for the sport,” said coach Cassandra Verduzco.

Adding excitement to the evening, the boys took over the court, showcasing their fast footwork, dribbling, and shooting expertise.

One of the highlights included Saad Awan (23), Milan Porter (2), Fabian Arciniega (00) competing in a slam-dunk contest. All three contestants performed spectacular aerial dunks to the crowd’s delight. Central’s senior, Saad Awan (23) won over the crowd with his alley-oop that nabbed the slam-dunk contest.

The boys split into two teams, competing in a friendly match-up to show-off skills to the watching public. The fast paced game went back and forth, both teams keeping the score tight. Vincent Memorial’s Fabian Arciniega stood out, scoring over 40 points, aiding his team to victory. Central’s Saad Awan‘s skill-set showed him to be a star with his arching three point shots and high flying dunks to shut down the other team. The winning team’s score topped 100 points exhibiting what four years of practice can accomplish at the end of their high school career.

During the boy’s half time game, a three-point shooting contest tested the players’ accuracy. The fast-moving contest called for seniors to shoot back-to-back three pointers with a one-minute time limit. Southwest’s Martin Mendez (15), who rapid-fired 20 three-point shots, easily won the contest.

At the end, the Valley coaches picked the All-Stars Most Valuable Player. The standout senior who caught the coaches’ attention was Fabian Arciniega, lead scorer of the game.

“We all did a great job out here today and I had a great time doing so,” says MVP Fabian Arciniega , “and I do plan to pursue basketball in college and hope to attend San Diego Christian to do just that.”

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