Imperial Valley Reads….. Murder on the Home Front


Murder on the Home Front
BRAWLEY – IV Reads… encourages all in the Valley to read the same book during the same time.

This summer valleyites have been reading, Murder on the Home Front: A true story of Morgues, Murderers, and Mysteries during the London Blitz by Molly Lefebure.

Molly was recruited to be the secretary to a forensic pathologist in 1941 during World War II. And, as such, was the first woman to accompany the doctor from “somber morgues to London’s most gruesome crime scenes”.

“She observed and assisted as he uncovered the secrets that murder victims keep and the tales that all corpses tell.”

Now, in 2014, Megan Robinson, local forensic specialist, will be talking about forensic science at 6:00 PM on Monday, September 8th at the community room adjacent to the Brawley Public Library’s Del Rio branch, 1501 I St., Brawley.

Forensics has changed dramatically since 1941 with the regular use now of fingerprinting technology, DNA, blood lab work and other ways to determine cause of death.

For further information, please call the Brawley Public Library at (760) 344-1891