Emails released show connection between Imperial Valley Press and IID’s Kevin Kelley



EL CENTRO – Emails have surfaced between Imperial Valley Press and the Imperial Irrigation District’s General Manager, Kevin Kelley.  Kelley was allegedly writing and editing for the Imperial Valley Press while also employed at the IID.  He was not then holding the title of the General Manager when the emails are first dated.

The emails allegedly showed a private car loan between Kevin Kelley and the IV Press during his time at IID.

When asked if he would like to comment on the release of the emails, Kelley said, “Only that I provided the emails from the Imperial Valley Press and me. I disclosed them in response to this Public Records Act request from Mike Morgan’s and Steve Scaroni’s attorneys.”



IV Press-Kelley Emails


  1. Steve Scaroni has asked for more emails and he’s going to look at IRS illegal actions and he’s going to file a complaint with the Political Fair Trade Commissionon Kelley’s form 700 omissions. Tip of the iceberg!

    • I think the truth is starting to emerge about this cozy arrangement.They controlled all information for years spinning for IID and certain directors IID management wanted reelected.

      • I think the newspaper and Kevin Kelley showed stupidity and betrayed our trust. It is as simple as that no matter how many fingers are pointed or excuses made. We have a new board. I only can hope they will act openly. There have been too many closed sessions in the past.

    • Actually Steve needs to get on the same page with Director Hanks and the other trust fund ag boys. The plan is to bide time with Kevin Kelley twiddling his thumbs at $20,000 per month until Carl Stills can less obviously be appointed through Interim Co-Deputy AGM Electric to Interim AGM Electric to AGM Electric to Interim GM and then to GM. Get with the program ese.

  2. If you think this Kevin Kelley/GM disaster is a mess wait until you see what comes next. One can see the writing on the wall already with Carl Stills, a very nice man but also unqualified, being appointed as Interim AGM for electric, then to the full AGM electric position, then to Interim GM, then to GM. Poor Carl- after so many years of loyal and faithful middle level management service he too “will do his best” and fail due to his lack of expertise and experience. It all goes back to the Board having no knowledge of what it takes to get the GM job done and the Board having no focus on what their job should be to competently direct the district. All while hundreds of millions of dollars continue to be lost, stolen and wasted from our poorest of the poor communities.

      • You are wrong John. I will agree that Carl deserves far more than to be just another unfortunate fall guy. He is a good man and an adequate mid level manager- but unfortunately he does not have the skills, knowledge or experience to transform this business. This is a big time business turn around and transformation that will take an individual who has done this before and who has professional business management education/training, experience and capabilities.

        • Are you recommending yourself? Still think we need to give Kevin and new board a chance.And, yes Carl is a good man.

          • Actually Basil you and the ratepayers are getting pretty darn good value for what you are paying me right now providing my 2 cents for free. POWER TO “ALL” THE RATEPAYERS IN OUR POOREST OF THE POOR COMMUNITIES.

            Being a non political advocate for the delivery of cost effective water and electric services and for the optimization of the IID business operation makes me an adversary to many special interests and particularly to the powerful 10% vocal minority ag water interests who want their 10% interests to dominate over the 90%. Unless, by some miracle, the Board calls upon me I will just continue to stay anonomous and to non politically continue to advocate for the optimization of the IID business operation and for the delivery of cost effective services in our poorest of the poor communities. It’s probably safer.

    • Homegirl- you are doing well in gaining perspective on the big picture. The role of Carl is all part of the plan. He as you say will only be the next pawn in the grand scheme. Actions of long ago history shall create the path for the chapter after Carl. Stay tuned (although the next chapter will 2 – 3 years to play out)

      • People, open your ojo’s. The Good Ole’ Boy’s lost control for a couple of decades. They are back with a vendictive style being lead the lazy son’s of the of the GOB’s of the 50’s and 60’s. Beware of those south of Keystone.

      • Carl was planning to retire and ride off into the sunset with his wife and see more Padre games until Hanks started playing him. Perhaps Carl’s faith and value system will have him bypass the $20,000 per month for 2 years in exchange for his soul, eternity and a Padre’s World Series!

  3. Nobody has mentioned the CONFLICT OF INTEREST by IV Press hiring Kevin Kelley when IID is the major adveriser for the paper.Just think about that. Kelley controlled the amount of advertising income to the IV Press and the IV Press controlled how much work Kelley got.The IV Press failed mention this unfair self-serving relationship.

  4. Homegirl, I just read Kelley’s excuse in the IV Press about tne car and not knowing it was income. You have been sooo right. How can you be the GM of one of the largest water and power comapanies not know what is revenue? How can he be responsible for billions of dollars & keeping the IID out of trouble? Think about that? This is more than not just understanding technical water and power issues! It is mind numbing to say the least! No wonder the IID is having financial and budget problems!

    • And what is most sickening Maria is the lack of intelligence and understanding of the Board of what experience and expertise it takes to fill the IID GM position. Kelley was APPOINTED unanimously by the IID Board. Two of those Board members still sit on the Board today Dessert and Hanks who themselves are now trying and think they can run this business. Talk about scary. Albert isn’t too far fetched in his vision of a possible total IID collapse and outside political and business interests just waiting to pick up the leftovers. Rather than to have that happen I suppose it would be better for us all if federal and state administrative authority came in and took over until this terrible situation can somehow be stablized.

    • If he can’t manage his own financial affairs how can he expect to understand complicated financial transactions in the billions?

    • I think this goes much farther than 800 emails. This is ability, experience, ethics and more.You’re right, HomeGirl. How can he possibly manage such a large comapany lacking basic business fundamentals?

  5. Hoskins knew zbout the articles, but when did the board know? Pretty sloppy way to run a billion dollar company. IVP sure white washed its involment with Kelly and IID and pointed fingers to past culprits publishing the paper. Aren’t there more than a thousand emails between IVP and Kelley? How current are they? How about those between Menvielle and IVP? How about Garber and IVP? The IVP is not as clean as they acknowledge!
    How about the grand jury tampering and slander of Randy Carson? And the Watchdog articles slamming Jim Hanks and Matt Dessert who were the “two vote” when Mevielle, Mendoza and Sanchez formed the “three vote” voting together in the infamous “3-2” vote that created so mmany problems for the IID.

    • Did the board EVER know about writing the articles for the IV Press? I doubt it! That should be answered and the board taken to task if they did , or also knew he was writing and emailing back and forth to the IV Press from the IID.

      • Since Kelly was not signing his name to the IV Press articles he wrote how do we know if he wrote or edited articles about the IID or not?

        • That’s a good question, DT. How about other IID employees? Are other IID employees allowed to write for the IV Press on company time?

  6. Many thanks to Steve Scaroni for making the emails public and exposes what many of us has known was going on between the newspaper andMenvielle/Stella/Sanchez/Kelley for many years.What we’ve seen is just the tip of the iceberg and is not tempest in a tea pot.The new board has a lot to clean up.

    • Once again- it is not the Board’s job to clean up the IID business operation. This misconception keeps politics, cronyism and conflicts of interest within the business operation. The reactive and incompetent business practices, and the subsequent loss of our self determination and futures, will continue and the IID will meander aimlessly until the Board focuses on its job directing the vision, strategy, goals, objectives and policy. The Board’s responsibility to the IID business operation is to search and find, not appoint, a GM that can transform the IID business operation from reactive crony incompetence to one of proactive competence based upon merit and performance based reward.

      • Yes. However much of the harm done to us, the ratepayers is a result of us not being properly informed and therefore not making informed choices.
        The IVP has not functioned as a “free press” but as a “bought and paid for” press. Therefore you are incorrect Homegirl, because much of our neww IID’s first term will have to be dedicated to cleaning up the debris left by the Menveille-Mendoza IVP Super Pac.

  7. I notice that the IVP attempts a mea culpa, but can’t even do that right and makes excuses for getting a little dirty by stating “more than enough dirt landed on all involved that maybe everyone is equal.” My obvious question is, “Why was the IVP involved in a “mudslinging contest” at all?”

    • Yes. The answer to that is that they received money from IID advetising OK’d by the other part of the Super Pac: Menveille/Mendoza.

  8. What you are seeing is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to corruption by IID management. Kelley has been corrupt for years and now its finally getting out. He was the pawn for the Menvielle, Mendoza and Sanchez regeim. And there is more, lots more. In fact, there is so much more that this new board will want to distance itself as far as it can from Kevin Kelley. There is no way he can ever be in charge of anything again at IID.

    • “There is no way he can ever be in charge of anything again at IID”…..and never could. Take politics out of the IID business operation and save our region’s self determination and future from parasitic and more sophisticated outside political and business influences. Better figure it out quickly new Board or, as Albert has suggested, you will lose control of “OUR” water interests and control area to state and federal intervention.

      • So Homegirl, Kelly did not write theIVP editorials? He did not “sell” IVP advertising to Menviell/Mendoza/Sanchez IID?

        In my opinion, the IID needs to go to other venues for advertising – that is= other than Menveille-Mendoza – IVP Super Pac.

  9. I think it is that simple, Deserttrek. And, it is easy to check out – just look at the dates & time on emails.

  10. If kelly used iid equipment to write the outside business, and used iid e mail to conduct outside business, then he needs to go.

    • Tough to let him go for cause without having to get legal and pay more. Re define Kevin Kelley back to interim GM again and start a search for real professional manager that is an expert in transforning and building board governed business operations and organizations. The experts in water and power, as AGMs, support the GM who transforms, manages and effectively leads the overall business organization and operation.

      • “start a search for a real professional, an expert in transforming and building board governed business operations and organizations…” admirable goals but sheer folly my dear Homegirl. What fool would examine the tenure of GMs over the past ten years and decide they alone are best suited to tame the beast of ignorance and arrogance of the district, it’s board, and yes the entire valley. Who would be crazy enough to venture into this cesspool of politics, cronyism, and conspiracy mongering believing they could make a difference? Your posts are true to the heart of the problem; however the problem only becomes bigger with each change of the guard. Look at where we are now – to your many posted observations, the district has derogated to the point where the most recent GM, a journalist (and a pretty decent piano player) who made a deal with the devil(s)(MD & JH) is quickly becoming the not-so-favored son. But what is the end goal? The beast knows no self-respecting individual with any of your required experience would dare stand in its way; they want Kelley to fail too. It is all part of the plan. Believe me I am no fan of the backstabbing little Machiavelli wanna be, however the longer he stays the harder it becomes for the beast to win. From the short story the Monkey’s Paw, by WW Jacobs published in Harper Monthly back in 1902 – “ Be careful what you wish, for you may receive it.” – Annonomous.

        • Any solutions to offer Albert? How about a letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (already investigating IID and our role in last summers outage) asking for federal intervention and detailing why? Our entire region is being thoroughly $hafted, both long and short term, by IID’s continuous cycle of incompetence and corruption. The Feds can intervene here for a 5 year period cleaning it up and out similar to what they are doing in New Orleans with their police department. You are a real smart guy Albert….how about some ideas? I want to hear some solutions from you Albert.

          • Your assumptions about FERC are correct,we will be fined millions of dollars for incompetency of a few friends of board members, while they (the board) argue over pennies (ECA) as a diversion. What folks here do not understand, or choose not to understand, is that there are indeed forces outside this valley, with money, with intelligence, with the political power that are waiting for the total collapse of the district. Then perchance from the ashes a Phoenix may rise. That I fear is our only hope – a total collapse and then a take over by the state and federal government. Not pretty, but the best chance of riidding these shackles of valley ignorance

      • It is not so difficult given the misuse (criminal misuse) of public funds for private gain.Or missappropriation of public funds.
        Otherwise we would see nothing wrong with public employees spending all day on Facebook. Oh, never mind. That is already acceptable.

      • A total IID collapse sounds expensive Albert-state and federal adminstrators coming in as overseers and taking control of the ag water now that there sounds entertaining.:) But on the electric side we can’t seperate Coachella and Riverside electric customers to sell off as remaining IID customer prices will go up 25% due to a deflated and less cost effective load shape. Of course unless SDG&E could find a profitable way to take remaining electric customers after spinning off Coachella and Riverside customers to Edison. Then like East Los Angeles we would then become East San Diego. Albert- I think we are only on the cusp of being too late to save our region’s self determination and our futures. I still think that there is a smart sage old professional manager GM out there somewhere that would love the challange of cleaning up this IID mess if he/she could get a long enough contract (5 years) and a long term uniform buyin of a business optimization and transformation plan by the Board. 95% of IID staff and management want this place run like a respectable business.

  11. Kevin Kelley and the newpaper agree on the same message all the time and that isn’t right. Kevin Kelley don’t know much about anything about the IID.Good directors now but Kelley doesn’t know. Many of us don’t know what to do. We need sombody else who knows water and epower problems. Kelley can only write about them.

  12. I think Kevin kelley must resign, as well as Brown from the newspaper. They’ve both messed up so much they can’t be trusted.Let the new directors select a good local man and get on with the IID’s business of cleaning up the dishonet practices. Kevin Kelley was dishonest with his time. Let him go back to what he knows – writing.His handling of the QSA scares me. Garber and osias will only continue to spend, waste and gve our water away. Let’s get a new leader. And use the IV Press to line our bird cages.

    • Good post Maria. Resignation is a good solution and would be an honorable thing to do but I think Kevin has likely gotten pretty dependent on his large paycheck. Amazing paying $250,000 a year for over 2 years now. For what?

  13. I can’t forget what happened to Randy Carson when he was the foreman of the grand jury. Garber, Menvielle and the Press destroyed the grand jury report and Randy’s reputation by deliberate, misleading information.

  14. After reading the emails I was struck by the cozy working relationship between the IV Press and Kenin Kelley, and making a few bucks writing on IID time by Kelley. If he is going to chisle us ratepayers for petty cash how can he be expected to manage billions of dollars? Asking the Iv Press to finance his car? My god! That’s such small potatoes when you are making a quarter million a year in IID salary. And, the IV Press snuggling up to Kelley when they obviously wanted advertising dollars. How can you believe anything they write? What do you think of the partnership between the IV Press and Kevin Kelley, Insider? Doesn’t that bother you, or do you want to read just what the IID wants you to think?

    • IVP use to be a hell of a newspaper. I think the present owner needs to sell the newspaper to someone who is willing to put money back into the business and not take all the profits back to the Midwest.

    • It’s not entirely clear that the articles were written on company time. He could certainly have written them from home and just used his IID account for correspondence purposes. Not saying that it’s for sure either way, just that we don’t know definitively.

  15. Get a life Insider. Have you ever met Bruce Kuhn, or taken the time to listen to anything he has said or done? I doubt it!And, what does anything you said in your rascist rant have to do with the emails between the IV Press and IID? By the way, Galindo is doing just fine if you took the time to listen and watch her!

    • Like brag how his first paycheck went to a poor family. Tell me what Galindo has initiated. I think you need to get a brain to go along with your life as a follower.

      • This is not a “farmers versus Mexicans” thing. What a gyp trying to make it such. The “outside” is coming to Imperial County. They want our water and they want our renewable energy. We have geothermal, sun, wind, and hydroelectric power.
        The County Board of Supervisors is telling us that we have jobs, jobs, jobs!
        And we do. The fast food industry is hiring to fix meals for all the Spaniards coming into town to work on the REAL jobs in the solar industry.
        What a big joke is being perptrated on the public? And the IVP is complicit in this too!

        • That’s funny right there Peon. Ya know as Lee Trevino once told the story- he used to be a mexican before he won his first golf tournament. After he won his first tournament then the media turned him into a Spaniard.

        • As soon as The Good Ole’ Boy’s complete the takeover it sure will be Farmer’s vs Ratepayer’s who are 85% Mexican. MexicanFest Destiny is half way complete and the Farmer’s know it. Take this from a real peon….peon.

          • Right on, Mr. Insider. We do have an 85% minority edge and when we get compentent educated Hispanics, then tghey are voted into office. In the meantime, I will take competent individuals such as our present board anytime.

            Perhaps you are waxing nostalgic for the “good ol Mendoza days. Were you one of her friends and relatives hired during her reign? Compa, you complain about EVERYONE!

      • Bruce probably did that. Don’t judge Bruce by your own proclivities. Norma hasn’t initiated any half-baked ideas and should be complimented for that. Insider, the habit of sneering marks the egotist, or the fool. Which are you?

  16. At this point, IID is it’s worst time in history. Now we have the fool Kuhn trying to make a mockery out of this place. Recall Kuhn…he’s a jerk….but, he’s also the Farmers Jerk. We’re screwed. Galindo, get in the game..protect your base (Mexican’s). Until now you have been a yes lady. Abuelitas of yesteryears would be dissappointed in you mija.

  17. DR….are you guys teasing us? Do you have access to more E-mails, and are you guys releasing them slowly to get more hits? Don’t become another IVP (for the love of money and screw the rest).

  18. Homegirl, I think the emails are a direct reflection of problems caused by control of 3 corrupt directors, Menvielle, Mendoza and Sanchez, for so long.Everyone is a victim of that control and manipulation of the IID. We have a new board and I agree with Basil and Veridical- let’s accentuate the positive and give the new directors and Kevin Kelley our support and the opportunity to move IID forward. Let’s unite behind them and help them set new standards for excellence at the IID. Let’s forgive and learn from our past mistakes.

    • Scotty- this isn’t about the emails or who Kevin Kelley does or does not write for when. This is about an IID Board that doesen’t focus on directing organizational vision, strategy, direction, policy…. but rather wants their hands and conflicts of interests in the business operation where they do not belong. The Board’s lack of focus where it belongs is why the IID organization drifts aimlessly and is reaactive and why more sophisticated outside political and business influences continue to prevail in helping themselves to our resources, opportunity and our prosperity. It is also about a lack of expertise, experience and business intellect in the GM position to know how to transform the IID business operation and to lead it.

      • Yes. Scotty needs to be beamed up to reality. Kevin Kelly is a toady that will do and say whatever management wants. Kevin takes care of…..yes, that;s right boys and girls…Kevin.
        Kevin is for sale. And there is a not very polite (but apropos)name for that.

        And you are correct; our IID Board must concentrate on administration and not micro-manage – but before that it is endemic that they clean up the mess left by the prior administration – that means getting rid of internal auditors that are NOT auditors and of employees that continue to work for the Menveile -Mendoza – IVP Super Pac.

    • Dessert is corrupt, Hanks is corrupt, Porky is corrupt and Benson is on the verge of being corrupt. Kelley is corrupt and I’m sure there are others on Kelley’s side that are corrupt. Kick them all out. We know that will never happen until more ratepayers educate themselves on IID issues. We need a strong voice to lead the charge on this cesspool of corruption that has been using IID as a bank for themselves: cheap water for the farmers and kickbacks and swindling for the suits.

      • You’re Bonkers. What you are in search of is 3 wise men and a virgin. Lots of luck. Place and ad in the personals: Insider ISO 3 wise men and a virgin (but will settle for Menvielle/Mendoza/Sanchez and IVP) Object: Party on the Public’s Dime. Requirement: Little or no morals or sense of public trust.

        • How about a cessna, some SUV’s, beach house on public’s back? In this valley of no trust the honest ones will not apply for fear of losing it all by order of The Good Ole’ Boy’s lazy son’s who have even lazier son’s. We use to have honest White’s here, but they have left the valley for greener pasture’s which were not allowed here by The Farmer’s. If I were in charge I would separate water and electric. That would teach Farmer John not to mess with Jose. Paying higher water fees would bring Farmer’s back to reality.

    • The new crop of Directors were bought and paid for by people who want nothing less than disbandment of the IID as we know it…these same people have stated publically and loudly that “if you are not a farmer, you’re opinion doesn’t matter on how the District is run”…they have publically advocated selling off the Riverside County portion of IID’s service area and facilities (and you can believe they are looking at ways to do the same with Imperial County power resources)…they have spent literally MILLIONS of dollars on losing lawsuit after losing lawsuit, simply to hamstring and critique the IID for wasting money (WTF?)…the new border members and their benefactors want IID to be a water district only in the sense that they can still order water (at below market rates) and, depending on the going rate, either use it for ag OR turn around and sell it to the highest bidder…so don’t give us this crap about “give them time”…given time they WILL bankrupt everybody in the Valley except themselves..

  19. You are seeing it here firsthand folks the perpetual IID “circus like business atmosphere” that Elizabeth Varin at IVP once describe. Any wonder why we are being bypassed by more sophisticated outside political and business interests?

    Solution….get the Board’s focus and business better defined and structured and get them out of the IID business operation. Bring in the best professional manager available with the experience and expertise to transform the IID business operation from this continuous soap opera to a transparent and responsive community owned and cost effectively operated water and electric utility.

  20. There is really no excuse for Kevin kelley or the Press. They both know better and used poor judgement. Neither has earned our trust. Kelley should have to pay back for the time he worked on Press stories at IID and resign. The Press owes eveyone an apology.This dishonest behavior is discouraging to all ratepayers who trusted them. LOts of outsiders want our resources and we need better protectors.

  21. Why weren’t the loan and IV Press income listed on form 700? Loans from the IV Press for a car? Huh? Are there loans from other companies? Income from IVP was over $500. Homegirl you are right! Is this a guy we can trust to run a multi-billion dollar company? What are more emails oing to uncover? Are these emails separate from the Menvielle-Garber?Kelley-Jennings batch? My gosh!!!!Where does it end?

  22. Fifty dollars an article being written on IID’s time and computer. That’s pretty good money actually. It may not be illegal, but not incorruptable. How can he clean up the corruption at IID? There’s too much corruption at the IID and these emails don’t help the image. Doesn’t speak well for the newspaper, too, that should be protecting us.

  23. No big surprise here! IID is the newspaper’s biggest customer, isn’t it? Fifty dollars is a small investment in the future.

  24. Take one in the shorts for the good of the valley Kevbo and graciously hold down the fort, as you have been now for 2 years, until we can find a real and committed pro to transform this reactive meandering 1/2 billion dollar a year strategic regional public business enterprise into a cost effective and productive business operation.

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