Imperial Valley Job Fair “A Success”




EL CENTRO- The Imperial Valley Job Fair for young people was held at the Imperial Valley Mall Thursday as employers’ tables saw lines of job seekers visit their booths looking for that illusive, perfect job. The job fair took place in the mall food court and was host to over a dozen different business representatives.

“The mall is a very convenient spot for everyone,” said Joab Gonzalez, Imperial Valley Regional Occupation Program manager, “and it’s really great, because a lot of seasonal jobs are available right here in the mall.”

Another possible employer was Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Angela Hernandez.

SBPA Hernandez stated that it’s very important that students who are interested in the Border Patrol know what it takes to join.

“The minimum age is 18 and they either need a GED or a high school diploma, a year of work experience, they need to be a US citizen, and they need to have lived here for three years,” said Hernandez, “A lot of these kids are in school and they don’t have any work experience. Now they know they need to work on that if they want to apply.”

Hernandez also emphasized the importance of working while in high school. She said it teaches students “responsibility, discipline, and they learn how to support themselves and not just to lean on their parents. That’s just part of growing up.”

Maria Davila, Employment Program Manager from the Oceanside office echoed these same ideas.

“Working gives youth an opportunity to learn work ethics, it also gives them an idea of what their future employers will expect from them,” said Davila, “this also gives students an opportunity to learn where they want to go in their career or in their educational goals.”

Davila was just one of the representatives sent to the Imperial Valley to study the success of the IV job fair.

“We do such a great job managing and organizing this event that we have a lot of representatives from other counties coming to see how we do things,” said IVROP Manager, Joab Gonzales.

“Everything just runs really smoothly here,” said Davila, “they only let in twenty students at a time, they manage the flow of people really well.”

The Imperial Valley Job Fair was organized by: Employment Development Department, Imperial Valley Regional Occupational Program and Imperial Valley Regional Occupational Program Community Foundation, Imperial County Workforce Development Board, America’s Job Center of California, and ICOE.