Imperial Valley Football 1st & 2nd IVL Teams


     BRAWLEY – Friday Night Lights concluded a couple weeks ago for the Imperial Valley for both the IVL and Manzanita Leagues. Brawley advanced to the semifinals and were one win from reaching the Championship game. Calipatria Hornets had an impressive season and upset higher seeded and undefeated Army-Navy.

MOST VALUABLE PLAYER(S) must be given to the Brawley Wildcats Offensive Line. Week in and week out, they were praised for a job well done. Although not many stats are kept on linemen with the exception of pancake blocks, they did provide two running backs room to run for over 1,000 yards. A third running back had close to 800 yards. At the conclusion of their final game versus Madison you could hear the compliments towards all the Offensive Linemen. One was heard to say, “This has got to be one of Brawley’s Best O-Lines ever”. I couldn’t agree more. Even though I have only watched about 30-35 years of Wildcat football, this was a special group of players, this Line worked like a machine. They had a mission from the first practice of the year and I believe they can hold their heads high and proud. They represented the Brawley Blue and Gold faithful extremely well. Congratulations!

#71 Martin Garza

#73 Miguel Moreno

#51 Remington Campbell

#69 Isaiah Quiroz

#60 Steven Saldana

        These are the 1st and 2nd team players and coaches from both Leagues.

1st Team


Jon Self                                                       1st in IVL (10-2)


Evan Franklin (Calipatria)           Best QB rating                                                                

Chris Carter (Imperial)                 2nd Best QB rating


Running Backs

Royce Freeman (Imperial)                    Leading Rusher all of Imperial Valley

Isaak Comparan(Brawley)                     Over 1,000 yards rushing

Jared Mohammed(Brawley)                 Over 1,000 yards rushing



 Dajon Staton (Imperial)                             Top Reciever

 Jakob Salgado (Central)                          Gave Defenses most problems

Jacob Whannel (Calipatria)                      Over 800 yards Receiving


Special Teams

Jacob Whannel(Calipatria)                      Top Kickoff returner

Alberto Valdez(Calexico)                           2nd Best Kickoff returner



Defensive Line

Jorge Gutierrez (Calipatria)                    1st in Tackles among Defensive Linemen

Jose Sandoval (Holtville)                       2nd in Tackles among Defensive linemen

Abraham Lopez(Brawley)                      3rd in Tackles among Defensive linemen


Victor Ponce (Imperial)                        1st in Tackles among Linebackers

Juan Cazares (Calexico)                        2nd in Tackles among Linebackers

Isaiah Quiroz (Brawley)                       3rd in Tackles among Linebackers


Josh Godinez (Brawley)                                 6 Interceptions

Dexter Bell (Imperial)                                    3 Interceptions




2nd Team


David Shaw                                                      9-3 Record


Diego Moreno (Calexico)                                3rd in QB rating

Steven Drye (Holtville)                                   4th in QB rating



Running Backs

Michael Medina (Calipatria)                            Over 1,000 yards rushing

Bryce Alexander (Brawley)                             Over 800 yards rushing

Alberto Valdez (Calexico)                                Over 600 yards rushing



Aldo Munoz (Calexico)                                      Over 600 yards receiving

David Lucero (Holtville)                                    Over 600 yards recieving

Donovin Buck(Brawley)                                     6 TD receptions



Special Teams

 Bryce Alexander(Brawley)                               3rd in Kickoff returns

 Dejon Wilson(Imperial)                                  4th in Kickoff returns



Defensive Line

Hunter Wharton (Brawley)                                  4 QB Sacks




Luis Navarro (Calipatria)                                 4th in Tackles among Linebackers

Dovovin Buck (Brawley)                                  5th in Tackels among Linebackers

Jared Mohammed(Brawley)                            6th in Tackels among Linebackers




David Lucero (Holtville)                                        3 Interceptions

Michael Medina (Calipatria)                                  2 Interceptions

Honorable mentions:

Caleb Ashhurst (Southwest)                             Tanner Rollins (Brawley)

Evan Pumphrey (Imperial)                                Christian Gonzales (Brawley)



  1. No just a fan from the stands could not tell you cover one or three. Veer dive or double wing. He can tell you max prep stats . I think he from calipat and lives in brawley.

  2. Players across the valley work way to hard to be named by a fan in the stands that has never ever coached football . Really your going to rank players based on max preps………….

  3. You can’t go by stats go by position and does tight ends that block part of the o line on a non passing team. Do defensive ends get the same chance as middle backers. Do option quarter backs get the same as passing qbs . Do half backs get the carries as full backs. Do teams game plan around certain players not to run there side. Leave it to people to not give credit were credit is do.. I’m glad you chose to say this is your teams and choices not the coaches vote. Thanks for your fantasy football high school team.

    • Wildcat fans know I am not at any other game on Friday night games other than Brawley Home and Away games. If they have a bye, I am at another venue in the Imperial Valley. No Bye’s this season. Yes, I did go by Stats on Maxpreps, unfortunately that is the only place you can find them without extensive research. Some teams don’t even even publish stats or rosters, which is sad for those players who put in a lot of hard work.
      I believe this is pretty accurate, and I expect controversy, considering that Professional and College teams have the same problem.

  4. Wow interesting how made up stats get kids to the top imperial inflates brawley can’t get them right and the news paper just publish them off max preps . Salgoda was a non factor not even second teamer this year. I would take the 2 nd team linebackers over the first team any day of the week. Kids are pulled in blow outs and if they base it off that then the kids should not be pulled. Let’s see the real first and second teamers .

  5. Calipatria and Holtville are NOT part of IVL. Accurate list….I believe David Shaw should have been Coach of the Year. Mo and Buck as 2nd picks….wow.

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