Imperial Swings Hard Touting their Game

Mayor Doug Cox giving his State of the City Address as he is dressed in golf attire to match this year’s event theme.

IMPERIAL — The city of Imperial proved to be on a winning course at this year’s State Of The City Address. Taking place Wednesday morning at the Movies in Imperial, the city showed it is “Open For Business” with a clever golf theme throughout the event.

“We wanted everyone to walk away educated on what is going on in Imperial,” explained Alexis Brown, city assistant manager and coordinator of the event. “Everything we’ve accomplished thus far this past year and what we’re looking forward to in this coming year, we wanted to showcase all of that.”

The event started with breakfast for guests provided from the new local business, The Coffeeshop. Guests were then moved to a theater room where the address began.

“The overall goal was to get some facts out and show people what is going on here in town,” said Mayor Doug Cox. “I’m really proud of the way the staff sets this all up. I know we have fun with it, but we get the message out and that’s what it’s all about,” commented Cox.

Once guests were seated, an introduction video was displayed on the big screen right above a golf-theme decorated stage set. The video showed highlights of the city’s accomplishments in a sports broadcast-like presentation with a professional narration commentating throughout.

“I think this year’s event is on the same level as past years,” explained Brown. “People have grown to expect a certain amount of effort from the city of Imperial that know we’re always going to keep setting that bar a little bit higher for ourselves. I think we definitely met the expectation of everyone that attended.”

The Mayor gave descriptive facts such as the city population at an all-time high at 17,446 and the annual growth rate at 4.1% (4th in the US). He also gave details of new construction being built in the city such as a sports park complex and a hotel opening in fall this year.

“I think today’s outcome went over really well,” commented Cox.

“I would say today’s outcome is very successful. I think everyone is aware of what’s going in the city now.” said Brown.


Guests at the event enjoying breakfast provided by The Coffeeshop.
Guests at the event enjoying breakfast provided by The Coffeeshop.


  1. Great Show! I always enjoy Imperial’s events. This one really sets the pace for the entire year. Just keeps getting better.

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