Imperial Police Vote ‘No Confidence’ in Imperial Police Chief Miguel Colon

Eric Granado, President of IPOA and Imperial Police Officer speaks to Council Members

IMPERIAL – At the Imperial City Council meeting Wednesday night, the Imperial Police handed a “letter of no confidence” to the board concerning the Imperial Police Chief, Miguel Colon.

A lengthy handout from the Imperial Police Officers Association (IPOA) listing their grievances, which resulted in their vote of no confidence, was placed for the publics perusal at the room’s entrance.

Members from the IPOA and concerned Imperial residents packed the room. Tension was high during the meeting.

Eric Granado, IPOA President and Imperial Police Officer, spoke to the Council about why they wrote the letter and the reason behind it, “This is about police officers being able to do their job. We are doing the right thing, we are exercising our first amendment rights and speaking out.”

The letter stated Chief Colon has allegedly created a hostile working environment, lacked leadership, and exhibited emotional instability. The IPOA’s letter also stated allegations that Chief Colon has currently three potential lawsuits that are in or will be going to litigation, and that he has violated the Imperial Police Department policy and procedure manual, the IPOA memorandum of understanding, and the Police Officers Bill of Rights.

On October 23, 2014 the IPOA called a special meeting regarding Chief Miguel Colon, and during the meeting all members expressed how they had lost confidence in Chief Colon and in his ability to run a Police Department. A vote was cast among the members and they unanimously voted on “a letter of no confidence.”

The IPOA requested the Council take immediate action, and asked for the council to allow the IPOA to further investigate into any or all misconduct Chief Colon may have allegedly been engaged in.

Imperial resident Pamela Butcher stood and spoke sternly to the council members, “I am here for the other Imperial senior citizens, these men here, our Imperial Police, have represented us and taken care of us. These men are doing what they can to do right, and now its up to you to do what you can.”

The next City of Imperial Council meeting will be Wednesday, December 17 at 7:00p.m. For more information on this Council meeting or the upcoming meeting agenda, you can contact the City of Imperial office at (760) 355-4371