Dickerson sets record at Imperial Valley Big Air Shootout



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Steven Eugenio 1st place trophy truck Winner for the SCORE Big Air Shootout

IMPERIAL- Hometown hero Jeff Dickerson set a record Thursday night by flying his Chevy-powered Alumi Craft open-wheel desert race car 173 feet to win the Imperial Big Air Shootout in front of a standing-room-only record crowd at the California Midwinter Fairgrounds in Imperial, CA.

The grandstand was packed with fans appreciating the free show. The promoters placed extra bleachers on the side of the grandstand due to the large turnout.

Dickerson, 39 of Brawley, CA, will race in the unlimited Class 1 this weekend. On Thursday night his successful jump to win Group 2 broke the overall leap record of 161 feet, six inches. The previous mark was set by legendary SCORE desert racer Larry Roeseler in 2009 driving a Ford F-150 SCORE Trophy Truck owned by SCORE CEO/President Roger Norman. For his efforts, Dickerson won a prize of $1,500.

“I love racing, I can’t wait to see them jump! I am so excited to be here tonight, I have been looking forward to this all week,” said Brawley resident Alberto Villanova while he waited with his family for the jumping to begin.

They split the participating off-road racers into different categories; with each racer taking a practice trial jump on the dirt ramp in preparation for the main event.

Brawley resident Jeff Dickerson placed first overall in Class 1 and Steven Eugenio placing first for trophy trucks. Dickerson jumped the farthest distance with an estimate of 175 feet, with Eugenio jumping his trophy truck at at 153 feet. All of the racers placing in first and second received a check from Rogers and Rogers ranging from $350 to $2,000 dollars.

Eugenio, who is sponsored by Bud Light, received a check for $2,000. Upon receiving the check he announced he was donating the funds to the Cabo Hurricane Relief to help out his “Baja brothers and sisters.”

Eugenio asked that fellow Baja racers and enthusiasts come to the aid of Cabo residents who desperately need help after the devastating Category 3 Hurricane Odile hit the peninsula last Sunday.

Dickerson, who previously beat out Robby Gordon by six inches at the SCORE Laughlin Leap challenge in 2011, is now the second time winner of a SCORE Leap Challenge. After the race, Dickerson spoke to guests about his son.

“I built this with my bare hands, me and my son. My son, Broc Dickerson who is 13, races short courses, so this is my first jump since three years ago. I took three years off to spend time with my son.”

The promoters also awarded plaques to the sponsors for the SCORE Challenge Big Air Shootout. Rogers and Rogers and other local companies were shown appreciation of their support for the event.

For more information on the SCORE Challenge Big Air Shootout you can go to scoreinternational.com and watch the video of the event.