Imperial High School Seniors Celebrate A Job Well Done

Class Valedictorian speaks to class, wishing them the best of luck for their futures.
Class Valedictorian speaks to class, wishing them the best of luck for the future.

IMPERIAL – The Class of 2016 Imperial Tigers gathered on the football field Friday, June 10 for an evening of remembrance and anticipation of the future.  The large gathering of seniors was escorted in by parents and loved ones, where Mr. Gibbs led in the National Anthem to begin the commencement, setting the mood as he sung gracefully to the crowd. Mr. Joe Apodaca then took to the stage to thank everyone for being at the graduation on that memorable night. Congratulating the seniors for their hard work, Apodaca wished them success in the next stage of their life.

As the class valedictorian Apolonia Gardner began her speech, she noted that despite the large number of students in her class, she was honored to be among all of them. Turning to the audience, Gardner shared some observations on the changes brought on by the last four years of school.  She noted that they all grew, both in knowledge and even personal flair, eventually becoming seniors and enjoying all the perks of being the big fish on campus.  Gardner concluded by personally thanking her family for supporting her, and blessed her class on the new journeys they would soon encounter afterward.

Ending the evening, the seniors gladly received their diplomas and watched the concluding firework show, celebrating and no doubt reflecting on their own personal passages through high school at Imperial.

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