Imperial County reaches 61,000 registered voters for November 6, 2012 election



 EL CENTRO- The Imperial County Registrar of Voters announced Monday that the county had reaced 61,000 registered voters for the upcoming presidential election. This number is up from the 2008 presidential election by 3,000 voters and up from the June primary elections by close to 8,000 voters.

Sylvia Bermudez, Registrar of Voters, is most concerned with absentee ballots at this stage of the process. “People need to realize that even if they mail their ballots a week before November 6, election day, and the ballot does not reach our office until after the election, we cannot count that ballot. Those absentee ballots have to be in our office or at any polling place by the end of voting, 8:00 p.m., on November 6th.”

Important dates

 October 30, 2012 – Last day to apply for a vote-by-mail ballot for November 6, 2012 Election.

Mail voters should return their ballots as early as possible. We do not recommend mailing yours ballot after Wednesday, October 31st to guarantee ballots are delivered to the Elections Office by November 6th.

Other options to return your ballot:

 Ballot Box Locations – The Registrar of Voters has ballot boxes at each of the City Clerk’s Offices; Voters may drop off their voted Mail Ballots at any of the locations thru November 2, 2012. Ballot boxes will be picked up by the end of business on November 2nd.

* You may drop off your ballot at the Elections office located at 940 Main Street, Rm. 206, El Centro, CA.

* You may drop off your ballot at any voting poll site on Election Day

Post marks are not accepted. All Ballots must be received by 8:00pm on Election Day– November 6, 2012.

Questions may be directed to the Imperial County Registrar of Voters Office located 940 Main Street, Rm 206, El Centro, CA. or by calling (760) 482-4226.