Imperial County Fire Department holds recognition ceremony



(L toR) Marvin Centeno, Oscar Robles, Tony Rouhotas, Jr., Jonathan Gautschi, Sterling Wray, and Esteban Hernandez were part of the recognition ceremony Thursday at the ICFD Heber station.

HEBER — The Imperial County Fire Department (ICFD) held a recognition and awards ceremony Thursday at the ICFD Station No. 2 in Heber with firefighters and their families in attendance.

Tony Rouhotas, Jr., Imperial County Fire Chief/Office of Emergency Services Coordinator, presented awards for reserve firefighters (new hires), firefighters, Reserve Firefighter of the Year, Firefighter of the Year, and Captain of the Year.

“When you choose this career, you’re not getting into an eight to five job,” said Rouhotas. “You will have to make sacrifices. You will miss things in life and family events. We need to realize this and our families need to realize this throughout our career. Of course, our family is our support system.”

“I am very proud to open the door for the next generation to make their dreams a reality,” continued Rouhotas. “This is a reality that comes true by the dedication you have set forth. You have many proud faces upon you. It is up to you to represent the department you work for, the badge that you wear, and the personnel by your side. I want to thank you and your families. I am happy to work along side you and I am very proud of you.”

Reserve Firefighter Esteban Hernandez gets pinned by a family member.

The Reserve Firefighters recognized were Esteban Hernandez, Daniel Simon, and Raymundo Zavala. Simon and Zavala were unable to attend.

Firefighter Marvin Centeno
Firefighter Sterling Wray

The firefighters recognized were Marvin Centeno and Sterling Wray.

Reserve Firefighter of the Year Marvin Centeno

Marvin Centeno was honored as the Reserve Firefighter of the Year.

Firefighter of the Year Jonathan Gautschi

The Firefighter of the Year was Jonathan Gautschi.

Captain of the Year Oscar Robles

Oscar Robles was recognized as the Captain of the Year.