Imperial County 4-H Sponsors Educational Summer Camp

Children from the community work at craft stations at the 4-H program’s two-week summer camp.


WESTMORLAND – The Imperial Valley 4-H groups is hosting a two-week educational summer camp at Westmorland’s Lions Recreational Center to teach local kids basic skills in science and crafts in a fun environment.

“We are putting on this camp as the Imperial County 4-H in association with the Imperial County to teach them basic skills in crafts, science, and engineering to get the kids out and active in a productive way,” said Amanda Leckband, camp leader.

In starting off camp fun, children participated in craft time, making their own wall chalk with various shapes and colors. In teaching kids how to make this chalk, the program incorporated science skills with mixing of different ingredients. Once the chalk was ready, students used the supplies to draw and express their mood through art.

In the next few days, camp activities include building their own wooden derby cars. This part of the camp will instruct the children in engineering, as they attempt to design and build the fastest car.

When the two weeks of the camp ends, the kids will close with wooden derby car races for one last festivity before the end of summer vacation and the start of school.

“By getting the kids out and active, were are able to teach children basic skills in a fun environment,” said Leckband. “It also gives children in the community who normally don’t get to get out a chance for some fun.”