IID will submit voting method to voters on November 4

Past President Matt Dessert Honored by IID Board

EL CENTRO – At their regular meeting of Tuesday, January 7, the IID Board of Directors voted unanimously to give the voters of Imperial County the chance to decide if they want to change the method that IID Directors are voted for from “at large” to “by district” in the November 4th, 2014 election.

Currently IID Board Directors are voted by the whole Imperial County or “at large.”

The proposal of voting “by district” will be in the hands of the voters.

It had come to the attention of the Director that some voters have voiced their desire to have the elections return to the voting by division.

Here are the Divisions and their representatives;

Division 1 – Matt Dessert

Division 2 – Bruce Kuhn

Division 3 – Jim Hanks

Division 4 – Stephen Benson

Division 5 – Norma Galindo

In other business, Director Matt Dessert was honored as past President of the IID Board.

Some of the  accomplishments of the Board under his presidency were noted and included a pilot equitable distribution plan is 2013, the strengthening of the relationship between the IID Board and the Imperial County Board of Supervisors with an MOU on the Salton Sea, and the signing of an agreement with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California for a conservation project authorized by Minute 319.

Director Jim Hanks is now President of the IID Board.

Friday is the last day of work for Water Department Manager Jesse Silva and he will go back into retirement.

Ismael Gomez will take over duties as Interim Water Manager.

IID Water Manager Jesse Silva

“I had retired from IID  after 35 years of service,” said Silva. “About 2 years ago, some members of the Water Department convinced me to come back. I did. I’ve really enjoyed my 2 years here. It was great. I spent all of my life here at IID. It’s something I really enjoy doing.”

Silva expressed some final thoughts on IID.

“I’m concerned that we need to move ahead with the water conservation program so we can catch up with the schedule that we have,” said Silva. “The fallowing ends in 2017 and we need to get moving to fill that gap that will be left. But, I’ll leave that to Ismael and the folks here at the District.”





    • Lulling the public to sleep with silly pie in the sky studies (this study and its information has been around in one form or another for over 5 years) while still enabled, by loose board governance structure, to help themselves- family- friends- and cronies. We sure better tighten up governance policy before the big developers start swarming for a deal on those land leases. You can almost already smell the $100 dollar bills flyin.

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