IID upgrades call center operations


EL CENTRO – Customers contacting the Imperial Irrigation District over the telephone can now expect better functionality and, as a result, better service, thanks to some significant upgrades made over the weekend to the district’s interactive voice response system.

The upgrades include a new main business menu for all calls to the IID -not just calls that are customer-service related. Additionally, the customer call routing structure has changed.


Customers can still report power outages, talk to someone about their bill or connect to the Water Department as in the past, but they will also be able to link to various functional departments, such as: recruitment and job line service, benefits and disability management, purchasing and contracts, real estate, media communications, technical support and more.

“Significant work has been completed by the project team over the last nine months,” said Mario Escalera, interim deputy manager, Energy Department. “Most notable is the development and design of the new system which increases functionality and service to customers. There has been much advancement in technologies and operating equipment since the IVR was last modified in 2007.”
In commenting on the successful go-live cutover, which occurred this past weekend, he also acknowledged the project team’s efforts and dedication in making the new services materialize.


  1. Hondele little big man. Internal politics aside- Mario Escalera knows how to get things done all he needs is stronger leadership,sensitivity training, his hands out of HR and a tighter leash (accountability). If you had ever been lost in the IID phone system you’d know that this was a much needed improvement to process and upgrade. Touche team !!!!!

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