IID reminds customers to conserve energy as excessive heat warning goes into effect



EL CENTRO – IID reminds customers to use energy wisely, and make health and safety a priority as an excessive heat warning goes into effect.

“IID has secured sufficient energy resources to reliably meet forecasted energy demand around the clock,” said Carl Stills, IID’s interim energy manager. “By using energy wisely, especially when temperatures intensify, we can reduce the strain on the electrical system, reduce energy expenses and protect the environment in the process.”

This week, the National Weather Service issued an excessive heat warning for near record-breaking temperatures in the region that are arriving today, and are expected to continue through Sunday, June 30 and possibly into next week.

Stills also encourages customers to check in on elderly or infirmed neighbors. For refuge from the heat, customers can also visit designated cool centers in the Imperial and Coachella valleys. For information about cool center hours and locations, please visit www.iid.com/coolcenters.

IID is empowering customers this summer with more information about energy efficiency, resulting in less energy usage.

This year, the district’s “Energy efficiency-more means less” campaign is promoting energy efficiency and off-peak power usage. By turning off all unnecessary lights, computers and appliances, and postponing the use of major appliances until after 7 p.m., customers can save money, stay cool and help maintain electrical reliability. Customers are also reminded to use circulating fans and set their thermostats to 78 degrees or higher when home to keep themselves cool and comfortable. For more tips on how to save energy, visit www.iid.com/moremeansless.

Click here for cool zones in the Imperial Valley

An excessive heat warning is in effect for much of Arizona and southeast California Friday through Sunday.

The following Imperial County Cool Centers will be open this weekend:

 City of El Centro:  IV Mall, El Centro (Doors open at 7am)

 Niland:  Niland Chamber of Commerce (8am-8pm Everyday)

 City of Imperial:  Imperial Library (11am-3pm Saturday, not Sunday)

 City of Brawley: Brawley Public Library (9am-5pm Saturday)

 Salton City:  Salton Community Services District, 2098 Thomas R. Cannell Rd., Salton City, CA 92257 (10am-5pm Saturday and Sunday)

For more information call:  760-482-4968