IID reading to solicit participants for next fallowing cycle


EL CENTRO – IID ready to begin next round of fallowing; the fallowing program is the District’s current method of water conservation.

Under the Quantification Settlement Agreement, the conserved water is used to meet the transfer obligations with San Diego County Water Authority and Salton Sea mitigation requirements. It is also used to payback previous year’s over use, or inadvertent over runs, of Colorado River Water.

The Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors were told Tuesday the Water Department was ready to initiate the solicitation for year 11 of the Fallowing program. Fallowing will continue through the year 2017, when on-farm conservation begins.

According to IID schedules for 2013 through 2017 will require about 150,00 acre-feet of fallowed water to meet each year’s transfer obligations.

In 2013, the IID must also begin repaying 62,000 acre feet of its 2011 over use, with the 20,662 acre feet overrun balance due in 2014. That brings the targeted fallowing requirement to around 200,000 acre feet in the upcoming fallowing cycles.

Fallowing year 11, which begins July 1, 2013, will have a payment rate of $125 per acre-foot. Participants can begin the cycle as early as January 2013 and create fallowing terms from 12-18 months