IID reaches settlement agreement with QSA litigants


IID LOGO The Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors reported today a unanimously approved release and settlement agreement with three litigants in the Quantification Settlement Agreement validation lawsuit.

Following the 2003 approval of the QSA, which initiated the nation’s largest ag-to-urban water transfer to help California manage its use of the Colorado River, three groups—Protect our Water and Environmental Rights (POWER), the Barioni parties and Cuatro Del Mar—challenged IID’s approval of the water conservation and transfer project with the San Diego County Water Authority, alleging, among other things, violations of the California Environmental Quality Act.

In today’s settlement, the district agreed to waive cost recovery and collectively pay the parties $500,000, ending their case that had been before the 3rd District Court of Appeals.

“This settlement agreement is important, because while there are certainly issues that remain outstanding between the parties, I think there is a broader recognition that – after more than a decade of litigation – those issues won’t be resolved through continued legal action,” said Kevin Kelley, IID general manager. “A better path forward is to find the things we can agree on and move ahead in a concerted and collaborative way.”

July 2013, California’s Superior Court issued a judgment, validating the QSA agreements and dismissing the CEQA case.


  1. a major question to be resolved is .. if the board goes back to being elected by districts will the ag community and the lawsuit happy greed machines be shut down? the population is waking up and realizes the importance of ag but at the same time are not nor should they be beholden to it

    this type of thing may be the last gasp .. we can hope

    • Tough not to have to settle for a one horse ag economy when companies like National Beef decide to leave town without even recouping their investment. Tesla too. They see this kind of blatant cronyism and racketeering and have no interest in doing business here.

        • Indeed Desertrek leadership is an important missing ingredient, as is a more structured and enforced governace policy seperating the day to day business operation from director influence, as is a lack management expertise and qualifications. Key management positions over the past few years have been “appointed” to unqualified director lackey’s/yes men allowing directors more influence in the day to day business operation which leads to the corruption, cronyism and graft.

  2. All as rates will rise. Follow the money and favors. More obvious than ever that it is time to call in the Feds for a few years to have a close look around.

  3. One more time, the IID spends millions of $$, wins their case over all adversaries, the new regime fires the dream team that slaughtered other legal teams then they turn around and provide a half million $ gift of public funds to the local elite?

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